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Class action lawsuit over questionable charges for medical record retrieval

— October 15, 2010

One of the little frustrations that pop up in every product liability lawsuit is ordering medical records.  Ordering medical records is always complicated, expensive, and takes too long.  What should be a relatively simple process can turn into a multiple-month ordeal in which the medical provider has to be contacted multiple times. 

While this lawsuit won’t make ordering medical records any quicker, it may make it just a little cheaper: 

LITTLE ROCK — A class-action lawsuit alleges a Georgia company has been illegally overcharging Arkansas medical patients who request copies of their medical records.

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The bill includes a “basic fee,” a retrieval fee, a copying fee, a fee for shipping and handling and a “sales tax” of $1.71.

Source: Class-action lawsuit alleges Arkansans overcharged for medical records | Arkansas News

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