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Product liability lawsuit alleges that Crown Victoria is defectively designed

— August 7, 2010

My understanding is that one of the reasons Ford is killing the Crown Vic is because of the placement of the gas tank.  I was told that by a mechanic who works on a lot of fleet Crown Vics, so please don’t take that as gospel. 

The widow of a Florida Highway Patrol trooper from Miramar who died in a fiery crash on Florida’s Turnpike is suing Ford Motor Co. and others for damages.

Patrick Ambroise, 35, died when his parked Ford Crown Victoria cruiser was rear-ended and burst into flames on May 15.

According to the lawsuit, Ford negligently sells poorly designed vehicles with improperly placed gas tanks that are prone to rupture and explode in rear-end collisions.

Source: Widow of Florida Highway Patrol trooper suing Ford – Broward –

I used to own a Crown Vic, and it was one of the most comfortable cars I’ve ever driven.  Mine was an ex undercover-police car, and it had warnings all over the trunk about drilling into the gas tank.

I’ve often wondered why car manufacturers don’t just replace gas tanks with NASCAR-style fuel cells, since they practically eliminate the risk of fire.

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