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Workers' Compensation

I-1082 = Higher Taxes On Washington Small Business

— September 28, 2010

I don’t know of a lot of small businesses in Washington who can afford to see their premiums go up by 28%:

As written, I-1082 would virtually eliminate oversight of workers’ compensation claims, leaving injured workers in the lurch. I-1082 is also a terrible hit on small business owners — increasing their tax burden at a time when many are barely hanging on. This is the wrong time and the wrong economy to force businesses to shoulder the entire burden of higher industrial insurance premiums.

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Under the current system, employees pay 28 percent of their industrial insurance premium costs. Their employer picks up the remainder.  What Initiative 1082 does is shift the entire financial burden to employers for an 18-month period while the initiative is phased-in.

Source: Initiative would eliminate valuable oversight of workers’ comp – Endorsements by The Olympian – The Olympian – Olympia, Washington

That is just one of many reasons to vote no on I-1082. 

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