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4 Steps to Becoming a CBAP

— February 3, 2021

If you are looking to start a business analyst career, there are alternative paths you can follow that do not involve certification.

It is safe to say that you are keen on procuring your CBAP yet not certain where to begin? CBAP represents Certified Business Analysis Professional and is the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Level 3 confirmation. 

Experts with a confirmation in business examination from one of the world’s driving proficient affiliations – the International Institute of Business Analysis and the Project Management Institute – wind up more popular, more regarded, and that it’s simpler to get believability for their business investigation work. 

While there is no one way to turning into a CBAP and the way you take relies intensely upon the time you wish to contribute, your spending plan, and your course of events for getting guaranteed, there are some broad periods of readiness that every individual appears to go through. For a few, the entirety of this occurs in up to 14 days with a Boot Camp sort class. For other people, this cycle is spread out longer than a year or two as they utilize their CBAP planning time to improve as a business examiner.

Step 1: Confirm Your Business Analysis Experience

Numerous experts that have been working in a business examiner limit with respect to quite a while, yet have not known about the BA calling are astounded to discover that they can apply to sit for the CBAP.

Man reading business section of newspaper; image by Rawpixel, via
Man reading business section of newspaper; image by Rawpixel, via

Read Aaron Whittenberger’s story of awakening to discover he’s a business analyst and deciding to sit for the CBAP instead of the PMP. Others locate their past jobs have such a blend of non-BA duties or are restricted in some design, that despite the fact that they have held the BA title for quite a long time, they have not amassed the suitable experience.

Doug Goldberg shares his story of documenting his business analyst experience. His story mirrors many I’ve heard from other professionals, despite the fact that they face the application with some fear, they discover there is extraordinary incentive in searching through your vocation history and coordinating your encounters to a normalized proficient collection of information.

Numerous experts investigating the calling start by exploring the CBAP just to get this progression and acknowledge they don’t meet the experience necessities. All things being equal, you might need to consider the IIBA Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) (Level 2 certification) or Entry Level Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) (Level 1 Certificate).

If you are looking to start a business analyst career, there are alternative paths you can follow that do not involve certification. I outline many of them in my free career training on how to kickstart your BA career.

Step 2: Earn Appropriate Professional Development Hours (PDs)

To submit your CBAP application, you must have 35 documented professional development hours. Many CBAP training courses and some conferences qualify for professional development credits.

Overcoming any barrier is an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) and our total line-up of on-request, online expert improvement courses fit the bill for PDs or CDUs. 

With Bridging the Gap, you can acquire the vital PDs following both of these ways: 

Picking 3 of our on-request, online courses, where you’ll procure 12 PDs each. The benefit of these is that you can experience them on your own timetable, precisely when you need.

Step 3: Prepare and Submit Your CBAP Application

Applications are submitted to IIBA and they have a full page on their site posting the whole CBAP accreditation measure. Notwithstanding work insight and expert improvement hours, you should give meet the base instruction prerequisite (secondary school or same) and have two references. 

On the off chance that you are feeling overpowered, Aaron Whittenberger and Doug Goldberg share some extraordinary guidance. You can peruse Aaron’s tips on archiving the CBAP necessities, just as Doug’s tale about setting up a CBAP application.

Step 4: Schedule and Pass Your CBAP Exam

When your application is endorsed, plan a test for 2-3 months out. You can generally reschedule the test or, on the off chance that you take the test and don’t pass, you can timetable to take it again inside one schedule year of your application endorsement. Planning a test instantly helps keep you persuaded through the last leg. 

In week 8 of my excursion, I booked the CBAP test for around multi month out, the week after I completed my CBAP prep course. (I had dived directly into stage 7 subsequent to presenting my application thus had a running head start.) 

Sit for the test and give a valiant effort. In the event that you don’t breeze through the test the first occasion when, you can plan a second test inside one schedule year of your application endorsement. 

Require a couple of days and commend your prosperity. You’ve procured it! Stay associated with the calling and in your own proficient turn of events. We are thankful to make them serve our calling. We construct our calling each business investigator in turn, and achievement begins with you.

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