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AIG Sued Pudding Pop to Not Pay Claims

— September 17, 2015

Bill Cosby is being sued again. This time, it’s by AIG his homeowner’s insurance carrier. The company does not want to pay to defend his date rape defamation suits. While the policies do cover defamation, AIG states that claims arising from “sexual, physical or mental abuse” are not covered.

AIG sued Pudding Pop to not pay claims. The American International Group, Inc. insurance giant said that Cosby’s homeowner’s policies don’t cover personal injury claims arising from “sexual, physical or mental abuse.” Therefore, Mr. Quaalude’s hopes of AIG paying for his defamation defense may be dashed. The AIG suits were filed in June in both California and Massachusetts, the states in which the company insures Cosby.

Of course, Cosby wants the federal judge to either hold or dismiss AIG’s suit because he’s facing financial pressure. Boo-frickin’-hoo. The fallen comedian’s lawyers filed their motion on Monday in the federal court in Springfield, Massachusetts asserting that Cosby would face “substantial prejudice” if he had to defend against AIG and his rape victims simultaneously.

The motion stated, “Forcing Mr. Cosby to fight a four-front battle would demonstrate AIG’s complete disregard for the best interests of Mr. Cosby. Not only does AIG’s action bolster the underlying plaintiffs, who will perceive Mr. Cosby as under attack even from his supposed backers, but it splits Mr. Cosby’s focus and drains his resources.”

Let me just say this: tough luck, Mr. Cosby. If you can’t pay the dime, don’t do the crime.

Why in the world should the court, or anyone, give a flying fig about Pudding Pop’s “best interests”? Did he have his victims’ best interests in mind when he drugged and raped them? Somehow, I don’t think so. More likely, he was only thinking of (and with) “Little Bill.”


The date rape king has been accused of victimizing over 40 women over the last several decades. While no criminal charges have yet been filed and Cosby’s lawyers still insist he did nothing wrong. The 78 year-old horndog is also being sued for defamation over his denials of the sexual misconduct claims. There are three Massachusetts suits, one by Therese Serignese, one by Tamara Green and one by Linda Traitz. Janice Dickinson sued in California.

New York-based AIG named Traitz, Green and Serignese as defendants in its suits. The company stated that the relief it is seeking could affect their defamation suits.


Bill Cosby seeks to dismiss AIG insurance lawsuit

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