Before becoming LegalReader's Editor-in-Chief, Jay W. Belle Isle worked as a freelance copywriter with clients on four continents. Jay has a degree in Business Administration from Cleary University and a Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Jay has also worked as a contracts administrator for a DOD contractor specializing in vehicle armor.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership or Goodbye “Fair” Trade

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), on its face, sounds like the best idea since sliced bread. It gives the U.S. access to many more developing markets, a larger say in the trade rules of the Pacific Corridor and more enforceable mechanisms to crack down on environmental issues and abuses. In a perfect world, the TPP would

Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act – Congress’ Effort to Kill Common Sense

Meet the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act – Congress’ effort to kill common sense. Congress seemingly thinks it has nothing better to do than interfere with the court system. It’s currently debating LARA, a bill that directly bypasses a system that Congress itself had a hand in creating. Specifically, LARA flies in the face of The

Tower Loan Believes Itself Above the Law

Privately owned finance company Tower Loan believes itself above the law. The company has over 180 branches in five states, over 700 employees and 200,000+ customers. One of its branches is in Louisiana where it recently fired Tristan Broussard for being transgender. Tower insisted during a U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigation that federal

Chicago Will Pay Victims of Police Brutality $5.25M in Settlements

Chicago will pay victims of police brutality $5.25M in settlements. This city council decision came down on Wednesday as the chief attorney for the nation’s third largest city stated that the move would save the city money in future litigation. If last year’s numbers carry over to this year, it’s the best decision the council

VA Must Pay $21.5M to Stroke Victim in Record-breaking Medical Malpractice Case

U.S. District Judge Landya McCafferty ordered that VA must pay $21.5M to stroke victim in record-breaking medical malpractice case. It is the largest individual personal-injury judgment in New Hampshire history. The judge ruled that the VA failed to properly diagnose and treat a stroke victim. New Hampshire’s former highest personal-injury award was $21.06M in a

New York Supreme Court Judge Allows Service of Divorce Papers via Facebook

New York Supreme Court Judge allows service of divorce papers via Facebook, according to a recent ruling by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper. You can do more than “Friend” and “Defriend” on Facebook. You can now serve divorce papers, too. The March 27 decision states that while in-person service is always the best method,

Atheists, Agnostics Are Now Protected Under Madison Equal Opportunities Ordinance

In a groundbreaking move, the Madison, WI city counsel voted that atheists and agnostics are now protected under the city’s Equal Opportunities Ordinance. This change in law forbids landlords and employers from discriminating against people based on lack of belief in God. It also requires that city facilities and public accommodations are welcoming to nonbelievers.