Before becoming LegalReader's Editor-in-Chief, Jay W. Belle Isle worked as a freelance copywriter with clients on four continents. Jay has a degree in Business Administration from Cleary University and a Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Jay has also worked as a contracts administrator for a DOD contractor specializing in vehicle armor.

Big Pharma’s Sneaky Profit-boosting Tactics

6/10/2015 No one, other than Big Pharma employees probably, thinks the industry is entirely trustworthy. There are good reasons for that opinion, too. Big Pharma’s sneaky profit-boosting tactics only add to the list. Little surprise that the bottom line is more important to Big Pharma than actually helping customers. Federal and state officials smacked the

FDA Backtracks on Labels, Big Tobacco Drops Its suit

6/9/2015 The FDA backtracks on labels, Big Tobacco drops its suit. America’s three largest tobacco giants, Phillip Morris USA (owned by Altria Group, Inc.), RJ Reynolds (owned by Reynolds American) and Marlboro, Camel & Newport (owned by Lorillard Tobacco) sued the FDA for overstepping its bounds by considering requiring approval for label changes such as

Pfizer May Have Lied About Zoloft Birth Defects

6/9/2015 Pfizer may have lied about Zoloft birth defects. According to research reports recently uncovered in one of the many suits claiming Zoloft causes birth defects, there may actually be a true causal link. This is despite Pfizer denying such a link. The Big Pharma giant successfully defended one such suit in April; however, the

Onglyza Could Lead to Heart Failure

6/9/2015 Onglyza could lead to heart failure, according to a recently-issued FDA warning. The agency also asked AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb, manufacturers of Onglyza, to turn over all of their clinical trial data for review. In addition, the FDA asked that all medical professionals report occurrences of Onglyza side effects, heart-related or not, to the

Johnson and Johnson settles Arkansas Risperdal Suit for $7.8B

6/9/2015 Johnson and Johnson settles Arkansas Risperdal suit for $7.8B. The suit has been ongoing for eight years and the state’s AG alleges that J&J’s marketing of the psychiatric drug was flawed. The AG claims J&J misrepresented the drug’s safety and effectiveness, especially concerning diabetes risks. The state will take $2M of the settlement to

Whitening Teeth in Alabama is a Crime

06/8/2015 Whitening teeth in Alabama is a crime… Unless you’re a licensed dentist. The State Supreme Court handed down a decision upholding a lower court’s ruling that only licensed dentists can provide teeth bleaching services. One wonders, if it’s a violation of public health and safety to bleach teeth as a non-dentist, can non-dermatologists do

Viagra May Increase Melanoma Risk by 84%

6/8/2015 Viagra may increase melanoma risk by 84%. This is hard news to report, but something every man must understand: your “little blue pills” may end up giving you “little brown spots,” according to recent studies showing a correlation between Viagra use and incidence of melanoma skin cancer. At present, only one federal suit has

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Plus Fair Wage Makes Buffalo Jills Cheer

6/5/2015 A new bill from Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, D-Queens that may provide employment protection makes Buffalo Jills cheer. If passed, professional sports teams will have to treat cheerleaders as employees and pay at least minimum wage. The bill would give the independent contractor cheerleaders the “rights, benefits and protections” of team employees. Rozic was inspired