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Wrongful Death Suit Against Bruce Jenner Hits the Skids

6/3/2015 Gender isn’t the only thing Bruce Jenner is out to change. He recently filed to dismiss a wrongful death suit concerning an accident on Malibu’s Pacific Coast Highway in February 2015. One woman, Kimberly Howe, 69, was killed while her five passengers were injured. William Howe,57, and Dana Redmond, 60, sued Jenner in May

Cheeseburger with a Side of Personal Responsibility

6/3/2015 I’d like a cheeseburger with a side of personal responsibility, please. Let it be known that this is not a fat-shaming post. I deplore the whole idea of fat-shaming. Let a skinny cow try it with me… I’ll dip them in chocolate and eat them. This is a post about the lost art of

Ford Motor Company Recalls Almost 423K Vehicles

6/2/2015 Ford Motor Company recalls almost 423K vehicles in North America due to potential power steering failure. There is an intermittent electrical connection that can fail, putting the vehicles into manual steering mode thus making them harder to control. Ford reports four known crashes, but no injuries. The recall covers the following vehicles: Ford Flex

FDA Ban on Ephedra Has Been Spectacularly Successful!

6/2/2015 The FDA ban on ephedra has been spectacularly successful in preventing harm and death. Despite the fact that I regularly bust the FDA’s chops, I believe in giving credit where credit is due and the FDA has earned some in this case. The FDA banned the popular weight loss and energy boosting herbal supplement

Olympus Corporation Set Aside $450M for an Expected Settlement

6/1/2015 Olympus Corporation set aside $450M for an expected settlement regarding its marketing practices. It’s already on the hook for its duodenoscopes, which are very hard to clean and have caused a number of superbug outbreaks in the U.S. Olympus failed to timely warn hospitals in the U.S. and three people died. Now federal investigators

Valencia College Students Sue to Stop Invasive Vaginal Ultrasound Practice

6/1/2015 Florida’s Valencia College has changed it curriculum after students sue to stop invasive vaginal ultrasound practice. The former students were part of the community college’s ultrasound technician program and were understandably unhappy at the requirement that they practice the invasive vaginal technique, used to investigate fertility, on each other. According to the suit, “Plaintiffs

U.S. Government Agreed to Pay a $125,000 Settlement Over a Missing Thumb

  5/29/2015 The U.S. government agreed to pay a $125,000 settlement over a missing thumb. Baelya Gutierrez, 11, lost her left thumb in a medical mishap at an urgent care clinic associated with the U.S. Navy. Despite the loss, Baelya is remarkably optimistic and approaches the situation with a great sense of humor. Playground stories

Young Girl Got a $15M Jury Verdict in Depakote Birth Defects Case

5/28/2015 A young girl got a $15M jury verdict for birth defects she suffered because her mother took Depakote, an anti-epileptic drug, while pregnant. The St. Louis, MO jury was unanimous in the verdict, which came down after only a few days’ deliberation. The $15M is just for damages; the jury is now considering adding