Before becoming LegalReader's Editor-in-Chief, Jay W. Belle Isle worked as a freelance copywriter with clients on four continents. Jay has a degree in Business Administration from Cleary University and a Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Jay has also worked as a contracts administrator for a DOD contractor specializing in vehicle armor.

FDA Posted an Alert Regarding Hospira’s LifeCare PCA3 and PCA5 Infusion Pumps

5/21/2015 Earlier this month, the FDA posted an alert regarding Hospira’s LifeCare PCA3 and PCA5 infusion pumps. The computerized systems are used to continuously deliver anesthetic or therapeutic drugs and can be programmed remotely over a hospital’s Ethernet or wireless service. Both Hospira and the FDA learned of certain security vulnerabilities in Hospira’s PCA3 and

SGLT2 Drugs Have Negative History with FDA

  5/21/2015 Quite surprising to me, I found that SGLT2 drugs have negative history with FDA. Not surprising, especially after finding the history, is the warning FDA released earlier this week. It appears that canagliflozin, sold as Invokana, may have created problems in the clinical trials that should have prevented its release. Just as other

Tort Reform Increasing Physician Supply is a Myth

5/20/2015 Welcome to the last segment of “What a Waste Wednesday: the Tort Reform Edition! Today, we wrap up the issue with a look at the impact that tort reform was supposed to have on physician availability. Simply put, tort reform increasing physician supply is a myth. The intent was for tort reform and non-economic

Bill Levin has founded the First Cannabis Church

5/19/2015 Celebrating Indiana’s commitment to religious freedom, Bill Levin has founded the First Cannabis Church and is planning a reefer revival in early July. Levin’s plan is to hold the revival the same day the Religious Freedom Restoration Act officially begins. It’s a great test, both of Indiana’s prohibition policy and the extent of the

Treatment Regimen for SGLT2-Related Ketoacidosis

5/19/2015 Yesterday we wrote about the warning issued by the FDA regarding SGLT2 type 2 diabetes medications. Today, I want to share the treatment regimen for SGLT2-related ketoacidosis. Always consult your physician before making changes in any medication protocol. If you find yourself experiencing any of the symptoms of ketoacidosis, get to the emergency room

TPP’s Effect on Mass Torts

5/18/2015 One concern that has been mentioned in numerous circles is the TPP’s effect on mass torts (class actions). My colleague wrote an insightful piece on this issue using the Alien Tort Statute. He also addressed the issue of Monsanto doing business in Vietnam, a country its Agent Orange helped decimate during the Vietnam War.

Ketoacidosis Associated with SGLT2 Inhibitors: Testing and Symptoms

5/18/2015 As my colleague wrote today, the FDA has issued a warning involving the class of type 2 diabetes drugs known as SGLT2 (sodium-glucose cotransporter-2). The drugs have been linked to approximately 20 known cases of ketoacidosis, a life-threatening condition. This post focuses on ketoacidosis associated with SGLT2 inhibitors, as well as how to test

Fiat Chrysler Wants New Trial in Remi Walden Case

  5/16/2015 Fiat Chrysler wants new trial in the case of Remi Walden, a four-year-old boy who died in flames after his parents’ Jeep was rear-ended. I wrote last month about the $150M verdict the jury delivered in this case. The Walden’s 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, with an improperly placed gas tank, was little Remi’s

Hot Coffee, Hot Cop, Cold Jury

 5/6/15 Stuff happens, it’s axiomatic. Sometimes people have legitimate complaints when stuff happens and other times… not so much. This is the story of Hot Coffee, Hot Cop, Cold Jury. Lt. Matt Kohr, a Raleigh, NC police officer, was enjoy a complimentary cup o’ Joe as do all uniformed officers at this particular Starbucks. Taking

Self-driving Cars Need Possible Human Intervention

5/14/2015 A word of advice from Consumer Watchdog to all self-driving car companies: self-driving cars need possible human intervention accessories such as brake pedals and steering wheels. The group pointed out the necessity of such items that would allow the human occupant to take control of the vehicle in emergency situations. Further, the group is