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Despite Scandal GM Posted Better-than-expected Profits

General Motors seems to have weathered the worst of its ignition switch scandal, at least in investor’s eyes. Despite deep losses in other countries and huge fines at home, the automaker posted better-than-expected quarter three results. CEO Mary T. Barra says the company isn’t completely clear yet, though.

Finally! Executive Action in NY Gives Transgender Citizens Equal Protection

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has had enough of the Republican-run State Senate blocking legislation to protect transgender citizens. Year after year, the Democrat-lead State Assembly has passed such protective measures only to have them shot down in the Senate. Gov. Cuomo has decided to take executive action, instructing the State Division of Human Rights to issue regulations granting equal protection under the law to transgender New Yorkers.

Essure Causes Debilitating Skin Conditions

Essure causes debilitating skin conditions. Tamara Pimentel shares her story of the painful, bleeding rashes she suffered for 3.5 years before realizing that the nickel in her Essure implants was the cause. Upon removal of the Essure coils, Tamara’s rash soon cleared.

It’s Footlong Friday: Inmates Complain about Jared Fogle’s Plea Deal

Inmates are unhappy about the inherent unfairness in Jared Fogle’s plea deal. The former Subway spokesman cut a deal that would have him spending no more than 12.5 years behind bars, while offenders with fewer counts of the same charges (and a lot less money) are serving a lot more time. Sentencing will be November 19 and the judge will make the decision as to whether to accept the deal.

When Does “Fetus” Equal “Person” in Wrongful Death Claims?

A couple in Connecticut sued an OB/GYN specialist over the wrongful death of their 22-week-old fetus. The mother, Melanie Foster, was undergoing an IUD removal when the doctor punctured her fetal membrane. Ten days later, the fetus was born alive; however, it only survived two hours post-partum. The question in front of the court is whether the fetus had achieved personhood status such that it could be considered the victim in a wrongful death suit.

Duke Energy Pays $81M Settlement

Duke Energy Ohio plans to settle a suit alleging it gave preferential treatment and kickbacks to certain large business and industrial customers from 2005 to 2008. The kickbacks, according to plaintiffs, were for these larger customers withdrawing their objections to a rate increase. The rate increase was later passed. Duke will pay $81M to settle the suit.

What Women Need to Know about Essure

Marlo Thomas and Erin Brockovich, neither strangers to standing for a good cause, team up to explain what women need to know about Essure. It’s a brief, but enlightening interview.

Essure Placement Rate Failure

Essure “permanent” birth control has an unacceptably high rate of placement failure, even when done by those with experience. Yet, the product was approved and this information was buried. Improper placement can result in organ perforation, among other things, and require surgery to remove the device.

Praxbind is the Pradaxa Antidote

The FDA granted fast track approval to Boeheringer’s latest drug offering, Praxbind. This new drug is the long-awaited antidote to new gen anticoagulant, Pradaxa. Preliminary clinical trials suggest an 89% efficacy rate within four hours of IV administration. This could be a life-saving tool for medical providers caring for patients on Pradaxa, a drug known for its high risk of uncontrollable and even fatal belleding events.

Petra Laszlo Plans to Sue a Refugee She Kicked

Meet Petra Laszlo, Donald Trump in drag. This racist poor excuse for a human being is a former camerawoman for Hungarian news network N1TV. While at the Hungarian-Serbian border, Laszlo channeled The Donald and began tripping and kicking refugees as the ran for the border to escape the devastation in their homeland. One of her victims, Osama Abdul Mohsen, was carrying his young son when Laszlo used him as a human soccer ball. Mohsen flew through the air and landed on top of the child, who suffered a concussion. Now, Laszlo is planning to sue Mohsen for lying about the incident despite the fact that it was all caught on camera.