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Bell Law Firm Wins Appeal in Case of Botched Central Line

— July 23, 2021

Georgia Court of Appeals reverses previous trial court decision and sets stage for new trial.

Earlier this month the Georgia Court of Appeals announced its decision to reverse and remand the Lockhart v. Bloom case for a new trial. Plaintiff Connie Lockhart, represented by Bell Law Firm, can now move forward with a new trial to hold accountable the negligent doctor who failed to detect a misplaced catheter in violation of the medical standard of care.

In March 2012, Lockhart suffered a below-the-knee amputation less than two weeks after being admitted to Northside Hospital-Cherokee’s emergency department following an adverse reaction to a prescription medication. While at the emergency department, Dr. Glenn Bloom misplaced a femoral catheter line, inserting the catheter in Lockhart’s femoral artery instead of her vein. Dr. Sachin Lavania, the critical care doctor responsible for caring for Lockhart in the intensive care unit, failed to detect the misplaced catheter. When Dr. Lavania later infused medications through the catheter, the medicine pooled in Lockhart’s lower leg, and blocked the blood flow. Lockhart’s leg became gangrenous, resulting in amputation.

The case proceeded to trial in 2019. Before closing arguments, however, the court granted a directed verdict in favor of Dr. Bloom, releasing him from the case. The court concluded the plaintiff’s expert witness who testified in trial was “not qualified” to offer testimony against Dr. Bloom since the expert practiced in an ICU rather than the emergency department.

A Fulton County jury returned a verdict for Lockhart of $4.7 million. Lockhart settled with Dr. Lavania. Bell Law Firm’s Lloyd Bell appealed the decision arguing the trial court erred in releasing Dr. Bloom from the case. On July 2, 2021, the Court of Appeals agreed and ordered a new trial against Dr. Bloom.

“Now that the Court of Appeals has reversed the lower court’s decision, Connie will finally get her day in court and the opportunity for justice,” states Bell. “While the process has taken a good while, Connie and I are both determined to see this case through to a favorable verdict.”

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Bell Law Firm logo: Get Answers. Get Results. 20 Years of Innovation, Service, Truth. Courtesy of Bell Law Firm.
Bell Law Firm logo: Get Answers. Get Results. 20 Years of Innovation, Service, Truth. Courtesy of Bell Law Firm.

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