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Cosby Admits to Several Extramarital Affairs

— July 22, 2015


The full copy of comedian Bill Cosby’s 2005 deposition has hit the stands and it paints him as being one unscrupulous character. Cosby admits to several extramarital affairs and one, in particular, that walked the thin line between, in his words, “permission and rejection.” This is another situation in which life imitates art. Hollywood would be hard-pressed to write a script like this true story.

Further damning the fallen star is the fact that the nearly 1,000-page deposition names certain women with whom Cosby explicitly denied having sexual contact. Oopsie! Patrick O’Connor, one of Cos’ lawyers, stated that the deposition was one-sided due to the fact that Andrea Constand’s deposition is still sealed. O’Connor said, “How that deposition became public without being court-sanctioned is something we are going to pursue and deal with very vigorously.”

Constand’s lawyer didn’t have a comment on how the Cosby deposition became public. However, in regards to Constand’s deposition, the lawyer cited a confidentiality agreement that was part of the settlement of Constand’s case. That O’Connor should be so indignant is a joke, considering Cosby himself, as well as several members of his team, violated that confidentiality agreement numerous times by making public comments about Constand.

The details put forth in Cosby’s deposition are enough to make one squirm in disgust. We have a tale of a highly successful, respected star acting as a mentor for the women upon whom he preyed. Even worse, the women were sent to him, sometimes on the set of “The Cosby Show.” In his own words, he describes them as women who “weren’t doing as well as they thought they would.” This is the perfect set-up for sexual predation, in other words.

The comedian’s description of his encounter with Constand is anything but funny. According to him, he offered Constand Benadryl for “stress and tension” and she took them of her own accord. Hmmm. I thought Benadryl was an allergy medicine, not a stress reliever…

He goes on to say, “I don’t hear her say anything. I don’t feel her say anything. And so I continue and I go into the area that is somewhere between permission and rejection. I am not stopped.” Well, duh! Depending on how much Benadryl she took “willingly,” she likely wouldn’t be able to say anything.

Cosby states that he and Constand didn’t have intercourse because he didn’t want her to have deeper feelings for him. Rather, they were only “Playing sex, we’re playing, petting, we’re playing.” In fact, he states that she did eventually stop him after some sexual contact, but that it was not an “angry stop.”

He states that, “I walk her out. She does not look angry. She does not say to me, ‘Don’t ever do that again.’” Cosby is a self-described good people reader and knows when people are angry with him. So, he determined Constand was OK with everything because she didn’t put up a fight or get angry all through a Benadryl haze. And I’m writing this piece from my 70-foot yacht anchored off Fiji.

In the instance of Theresa Serignese, Cosby admits to giving her Quaaludes, but insists she knew what they were and took them willingly. After she took them, the two had sex. “We had sexual encounters and I believe she met me at different places and she slept in the same bed with me, and we had sex.”

He sticks to his story that he never drugged anyone without consent or forced himself on the women. To date, no charges have been pressed though the LAPD is conducting an investigation.

Preferring to keep his extramarital affairs from his wife and family, he settled a suit with Constand for an undisclosed amount. However, he freely admits to paying Serignese a total of $10,000 because, as he told his wife, he wanted to help her financially.

This continues to get more and more interesting as time goes by. Personally, I think we will be seeing criminal charges as a result of the LAPD investigation as well as seeing Cosby on the losing end of several civil suits.

I truly feel sorry for his wife and family. Such a public revelation of major betrayals must be very painful.


Bill Cosby Talks About Extramarital Affairs, Drugs in Deposition

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