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Fake Cancer Doc is Now Quack on the Rack

— July 25, 2015


Vincent Gammill, age 69, a self-styled alternative medicine specialist, was arrested at his Richmond, CA clinic on July 9 on suspicion of practicing medicine without a license, furnishing dangerous drugs without a license and dependent adult abuse. His clinic specializes in treating cancer patients. The fake cancer do is now quack on the rack, scheduled to appear in Ventura County Superior Court on August 31st.

The investigation into Gammill’s practice was a joint effort between the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office and the Ventura County Intra-agency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit. The authorities are currently searching for others of Gammill’s patients/victims. The 49-year old woman whose report kicked off the investigation in June saw Gammill’s website in 2009. Her plan was to go to his clinic if other treatments for her late-stage cancer failed. She saw Gammill in June 2015.

On it’s face The Natural Oncology Institute looks like a cancer patient’s dream. It offers specially designed treatments, combinations of traditional and naturopathic regimes. The Institute, located in Berkeley, is touted as “a premier educational resource and client advocacy organization focused on helping people with cancer.”

Gammill’s bio makes him sound like a man with a mission, the guy you really want in your corner as you tackle the Big C. He is listed as a former “pharmaceutical designer and consultant who chose to work with natural products and methods whenever possible. He became well known in the international clinics for the effectiveness of certain cancer vaccines he developed.”

In fact, authorities discovered, Gammill is a man on a mission: a mission to bilk innocent people who are facing a life threatening disease out of their money, hope and time. The Quack on the Rack has zero medical training!

At the unnamed woman’s consultation, Gammill “examined” her and developed a treatment plan. After the examination, he asked her for $2,000 to cover his services, 16 hours of “consultation” and her specially designed treatments. After she paid, she went home and began the treatment she hoped would save her life.

She called Gammill to report that the treatment gave her a “burning sensation.” Gammill’s reply was that it was a “good” thing because it meant the ingredients were active and working.

Upon closer examination of her “specialized treatment,” the woman was shocked to discover that the regime (given to her in numerous plastic baggies, the hallmark delivery mechanism of every reputable clinic – NOT!) contained the following:

  • Various powders
  • Empty capsules (presumably for the powders?)
  • Liquid-filled vials
  • Prescription medicines that were past their expiration date, and…
  • A bag of dirt

Yes, a bag of dirt.

I am so sick of these fake doctors (and their “real” counterparts, like Fata the butcher) preying upon cancer patients that I can barely find the words to describe it! However, as you know by now, I’m not one to back down from a challenge so here we go.

Folks, cancer patients are remarkable people. I have the deepest respect for them; they face challenges that would send most of us screaming for the nearest exit to the afterlife. They fight, the laugh, they cry, they get angry and they hope, all with the most amazing dignity I have ever witnessed.

And, when all they have left is hope, they look to specialists to help them. I have absolutely nothing against naturopathic medicine, or, for all my crucifying them, the Big Pharma giants who produce the treatments. Well, OK, one beef with Big Pharma: I really do believe that there’s a cure for cancer that is being withheld because the standard treatments are more profitable. Yeah, I know: I’ll go get my tinfoil hat.

It’s when these vermin, these monsters, these [insert words I’m not allowed to publish] quacks take advantage of that hope that I really come unhinged. They say there’s nothing fiercer than a mother defending her children. I agree, but the rage I feel toward Gammill, Fata and any other quack that exploits cancer patients runs a close second.

Fata only got 45 years for his crimes. Who knows if this quack will even serve a day? Personally, I think Fata should get an unneeded chemo treatment every week for those 45 years, just as he gave unneeded treatments to his innocent victims.

Gammill? This quack really deserves the Rack. Sadly, such medieval punishments are a violation of the 8th Amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishments. Maybe we could find a use for his “prescription dirt…”


‘Fake’ doctor accused of prescribing bag of dirt to cancer patient

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