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Fata Only Gets 45 Years

— July 13, 2015

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Dr. Farid Fata, the butcher who over-medicated, misdiagnosed and even under-treated cancer patients, was sentenced on July 10. The soulless, money-grubbing monster Fata only gets 45 years in federal prison after abusing 550+ patients and scamming insurance companies for over $17M.

The butcher Fata told innocent people they had cancer so he could bill insurance for treatments they didn’t need. Rather than following proper protocol, he treated some cancer patients for years, dumping enormous amounts of chemotherapy into their systems and robbing those who were terminal of a peaceful death.

In addition to the prison term, Fata agreed to forfeit $17.6M and several assets. The sentencing hearing lasted only five days and included heart-wrenching testimony from the butcher’s patients and their families. There were even a few former patients who, misguidedly, supported Fata.

According to U.S. District Judge Paul Borman, the judge tasked with the butcher Fata’s sentencing, “This is a huge, horrific series of criminal acts that were committed by the defendant.” He “practiced greed and shut down whatever compassion he had.”

During the testimony, the fallen physician (whose license has been revoked) clasped a handkerchief like a Victorian lady with the vapors. Often crying, he spoke to the court and his victims, his voice turning high-pitched with emotion.

“I have violated the medical oath, and I have caused anguish, hardship and pain to my patients and their families. They came to me seeking compassion and care. I failed them. I misused my talents … because of power and greed. My quest for power is self-destructive.” He also said “[I am] horribly ashamed of my conduct” and that he prays for repentance.

Despite his seemingly overwrought emotional scene, the butcher Fata had no visible reaction when sentenced and led from the courtroom in handcuffs. My guess is he no longer needed to pretend to care once the sentence was handed down. Maybe he hoped his “repentance” act would bring him a lighter sentence. One is certain that the only thing this monster is truly sorry for is that he was caught. My personal thanks go to the whistleblower in his office.

Several of his victims and their survivors thought Fata got off far too easily.

Patricia Loewen said, “He killed my husband.” Kenneth Paul Loewen died September 2014 at the age of 62. His widow believes the butcher Fata should never be released. I agree with her. Kenneth was set to receive eight radiation treatments, beginning the day after Fata was arrested two years ago. A follow-up with a responsible doctor showed he didn’t need radiation at all.

As I’m sure you’ve already deduced, I have an extremely low opinion of Fata. As the son of a cancer patient, I cannot find one iota of compassion or forgiveness for this monster (and others like him who haven’t been caught yet). Nor do I have one shred of respect for those victims who came to the butcher’s defense.

One such person, Sydney Zaremba, spoke regarding her 87-year old mother. Her mother died less than four months after the butcher Fata started her on chemo. She had a stage 1 (early stage) tumor in her neck. Zaremba commented on Fata’s sentence, “Of course, everybody would want to see life. No matter what happens, nobody wins in this situation. There will never be justice.”

Despite seeing the facts support that her mother was over-treated, and despite her comments, she feels Fata’s emotional outpouring was sincere.

She said, “I actually cried,” and added that such a well-educated, Christian man must be sorry for his actions. “I had felt pity the first time I saw him come in in shackles.”

People are entitled to their opinion. I, for one, think Fata’s true remorse is based on the fact that he can no longer live the high life. If he’s such a good Christian man, how in the name of the God he supposedly worships could he have performed such evil acts on innocent, trusting patients? That’s like saying Hitler was just confused.

It is the job of every lawyer to zealously defend their client’s interests, even when their client is a piece of filth. There isn’t enough time or space to cover the issue of why I believe defense attorneys have the hardest job in law, but suffice to say, Fata’s was doing his job. Christopher Andreoff petitioned Judge Borman to give Fata no more than 25 years in federal prison.

He explained that due to Fata’s health even that could be a life sentence. “Our recommendation will give him nothing more than a chance for release before he dies.”

With all due respect to Mr. Andreoff, I could give a flying rat’s ass about Fata’s health. That’s about what he gave to his patients’ health. If he spends the rest of his days in prison, he should be grateful that he at least got those days.

Gregory Cadd, whose father died at the hands of the butcher Fata, believes the sentence should have been far more. Regarding the possibility of financial restitution, Mr. Cadd said, “I don’t want anything back from him. If anyone shoves a check in my hand, I’m going to find the nearest charity that I can to give it to in the name of my father.”

Cadd’s father had lung cancer and a good health insurance policy. Cadd believes that’s what prompted Fata to over-treat his father, saying Fata “just kept it up, kept it up until finally my father passed away because of that monster.”

Through tears, Cadd finished, “That’s all he ever was is a monster out to live off people’s pain and suffering, and wanted to live the good life.”

Meanwhile, Fata’s wife and three children have returned to the family’s native Lebanon. Mr. Andreoff said his client is lonely during his incarceration.

Good. He deserves to be alone with his thoughts for the next 45 years. Whether those thoughts are of how much he misses his family and being a well-respected millionaire (likely, in my opinion) or of all the pain, suffering and death he caused (doubtful), I hope they keep him up at night.

Then again, perhaps he will make new friends in prison. Friends who will treat him with the same compassion and care with which he treated his patients. Honestly… I hope they keep him up at night, too.


Dr. Farid Fata, 50, tells court before sentencing that he is ashamed and sorry for what he did to his patients

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