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Former Employee Files Gender and Age Discrimination Against Noble Americas Corp.

— August 1, 2017

Wendy Ramos, a “former Noble Americas Corp. executive” who was fired back in January, has decided to sue her former employer on grounds of “gender discrimination, age discrimination and retaliation over allegations she was subjected to crude sexual comments.According to the federal lawsuit that was filed last Sunday in U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut, Ramos claims the work environment she was subjected to was hostile and “made her suffer emotional distress and anxiety, and that sexual innuendos and comments were commonplace throughout the company.” For example, according to the lawsuit, the “‘F’ word and the word ‘vagina’ was used numerous times in Ramos’ presence.”

So how long did Ramos work at Noble Americas Corp.? How long did she endure the alleged discrimination? For starters, she began working for Noble Americas Corp. back in 1997 and was promoted many times during her time as an employee. In 2004 she was promoted to global director of oil liquids chartering, and managed a “portfolio of global energy supply chains.

Image of a Workplace Discrimination Sign
Workplace Discrimination Sign; Image Courtesy of HuffPost,

Sounds all well and good, expect for the treatment Ramos detailed out in the lawsuit that she allegedly received from her co-workers and boss. In one incident, Ramos “claimed her new boss, Jeff Frase, then global head of oil, asked if she was married and then talked about his ex-wife in derogatory terms in 2014, telling Ramos ‘anybody with a vagina gets what they want.’” In another incident, her boss “referred to a young intern’s ‘D cups,’ and” other employees laughed, Ramos claimed.

In addition to the crude comments, Ramos’ lawsuit also alleges that “she was paid less than some men who reported to her and that she was often referred to as the ‘oldest Noble employee.’” On top of that, when it came time for pay increases, Ramos claims her male co-workers often received larger raises and upgraded titles.

As a result of the treatment and discrimination, the lawsuit states:

Ramos “suffered through years of hostile work environment including daily vulgar and disgusting comments from male employees about vaginas, sex, male genitalia, and verbally abusive language using the word ‘f—‘ explicitly. Plaintiff could not escape the constant abuse.”

In fact, the discrimination was “so severe that Ramos became physically ill and had to seek psychological counseling and medical treatment for symptoms related to stress and anxiety,” according to the lawsuit.

In response to the terrible treatment she endured during her time at the company, she is “suing on 11 counts, including age discrimination pursuant to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Connecticut’s Fair Employment Practices Act; gender discrimination pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Right Act; violation of the Equal Pay Act; and intentional infliction of emotional distress,” the lawsuit states. She is also seeking punitive and compensatory damages, as well as attorney fees.

Noble Americas Corp. has yet to comment on the matter.


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