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Gay Marriage is Evil but Cheating is OK

— September 18, 2015

Michigan state Reps. Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat have been busted having an extramarital affair with each other. The House ousted Gamrat and Courser resigned before they could boot him, too. Both hypocrites are married to the childhood sweethearts and have three and four kids, respectively. Both also want their old jobs back. Interestingly, these two are the d-bags who proposed three bills in Michigan that would do away with civil marriage, leaving it in the hands of the clergy.

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning! Readers may remember this piece about Michigan Rep. Todd Courser and his asinine attempt to do away with civil marriage in my fair state. While this may be news to some of you, it certainly caught me by surprise. Toddy-boy resigned because he got busted having an affair! His cheating buddy? Another state rep, Cindy Gamrat, a self-proclaimed Tea Party Christian! So, gay marriage is evil but cheating is OK. Hah!

The House or Representatives gave Cindy (Courser’s partner in the disgusting legislation he sponsored) the boot last week after the details of her illicit affair with traditional marriage champion, Courser, became known. Todd resigned before his cronies had a chance to kick him to the curb. The desperate right-winger tried to pull a fast one on everyone by concocting a cover story that he’d been caught with a gay prostitute! Say what!? Mr. Traditional Marriage would rather have everyone believe that he’s living la vida homo than that he’s cheating on his wife!

I do so love the “logic” here. Courser went out of his way to champion bills that would prevent anyone but clergy from performing weddings because it would keep us godless queers from tying the knot. After all, the “sanctity” of “one man/one woman” marriage must never be sullied by letting us in on the action, right? Somehow though, it became OK to have “one man/one wife/one mistress” in his twisted little mind.

As for his cheating buddy, Gamrat, she wants her old job back. Never mind that she’s been humiliated in front of the nation or that she obviously cannot practice what she preaches (and what she and those like her want to cram down my throat).

She confirmed yesterday that she’s planning to run in the special 80th House District primary in Allegan County on November 3. This decision came after talking with her family and a lot of prayer. Her belief – at least one she says she plans to stick with – is that her cronies in Lansing shouldn’t have the ultimate say over her political career. She wants the voters to decide.


“I’ve always maintained that I thought the decision should be up to the voters. I think that they ought to have a voice in this matter,” she said. Apparently, she’s been getting tons of support in the district recently, one of the factors involved in her wanting her job back. She even got a hug from a jogger, which is apparently Tea Party speak for “Despite the fact that you’ve betrayed everything you believe in, I still love you.” According to Gamrat, the jogger said, “She felt bad for what I had been put through and thought God still had a plan for me.”

“…what I had been put through…” Oh! You mean the nationally recognized fact that you were doing the horizontal mambo with someone other than your husband? Who, by the way, is your childhood sweetheart and father of your three children? I’m so terribly sorry for you that you’re paying for your misdeeds, you flaming hypocrite!

Courser is no better. His wife and mother of his four kids is also his childhood sweetheart. Reports have it that he is considering running for his old seat, too.

All I can say to them is that your constituents and your God (and possibly your spouses) may forgive you for being the biggest douchenozzle hypocrites ever, but I won’t. I’ll remember how you both tried to keep me and my people from enjoying the benefits of marriage while you were making Shakespeare’s “beast with two backs.”

I’ll remember because one of my least favorite things in the world is hypocrisy.


MICHIGAN: Expelled Adulterous Anti-Gay Lawmaker Cindy Gamrat Files To Run For Her Old Seat

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