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Heritage Foundation Meets Karma

— September 3, 2015

The Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank, was cyberhacked this week. Sensitive emails and donor information were stolen and are showing up on the Internet. It’s a beautiful thing when the Heritage Foundation meets karma. The foundation has been raking the Obama administration over the coals lately over what it terms “lax cybersecurity.” Hello Pot, meet Kettle!

Right-wing think tank, The Heritage Foundation meets karma in a fun-to-watch-them-squirm cyberhack this week. Among the files stolen are “sensitive emails” and donor information, some of which have popped up on the Internet. Heritage conducted a review and said that, so far, no credit card or banking information was stolen.

Wesley Denton, Heritage spokesman, said, “We experienced a malicious, unauthorized data breach of six-year-old documents on an external server that appear to contain personal information of private donors, who we are notifying. We are unable to verify the authenticity of files circulated online.”

He went on to explain, “Our internal servers were not part of this breach and we have taken — and will continue to take — all appropriate steps to ensure that our members have the ability to support public policy organizations free from intimidation.”

Why is this hack karma in all its ooey-gooey deliciousness? The Daily Signal, multimedia mouthpiece for Heritage, has been busy busting President Obama’s chops about lax cybersecurity, including a July article, “How Obama’s Poor Judgment Let to the Chinese Hack of OPM.”


Beg pardon? What’s that? Why, yes, that’s the sound of a mouthy right-winger eating crow! Hold on, you’ll hear more.

Riley Walters, a Heritage Foundation Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy researcher, opined, “the IRS breach, in addition to the OPM hack, continues to raise serious questions regarding the government’s competency in securing important information.”

Denton said, “All Americans have the right to support causes without fear of harassment, and that is why we respect and work to safeguard our supporters’ privacy. The Heritage Foundation has over half-a-million members with diverse views who are united with a passion to advance conservative policies that make life better for all Americans.”

Hmmm. “…make life better for all Americans?” The Heritage Foundation? I thought they were only for rich, white, heterosexuals? Obviously, I missed a very important memo!

No specifics regarding the breach were available. According to Denton, “We have a longstanding policy that we do not comment on private donor or internal staff communications.”

Guys, I hear ketchup makes crow go down easier. You should give it a try. And, while you’re at it, do something about that shamefully lax cybersecurity, will you?


Data breach: Heritage Foundation emails, donor info stolen

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