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It’s Footlong Friday: Inmates Complain about Jared Fogle’s Plea Deal

— October 23, 2015

Inmates are unhappy about the inherent unfairness in Jared Fogle’s plea deal. The former Subway spokesman cut a deal that would have him spending no more than 12.5 years behind bars, while offenders with fewer counts of the same charges (and a lot less money) are serving a lot more time. Sentencing will be November 19 and the judge will make the decision as to whether to accept the deal.

Sentencing for the former Subway spokesman who let his six-inch sub get him in deep trouble is coming soon – November 19, to be exact. While the ultimate decision on how many years Jared Fogle will spend in prison is up to the judge, the sweet plea deal he worked out is angering some inmates. These inmates complain about Jared Fogle’s plea deal in letters to the sentencing judge.

Fogle was busted for child-pornography and traveling across state lines to engage in sex with minors in August and, proving that money talks, managed to negotiate a plea deal wherein he will pay $1.4M in restitution to his 14 victims ($100,000 each) and serve no more than 12.5 years in prison.

Two inmates, also serving time for kiddie-porn, were so outraged by this deal that they wrote letters, one to U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Walton Pratt asking her to reject Fogle’s deal and one to U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark J. Dinsmore, who handled Fogle’s initial hearing. The inmates feel that Fogle’s deal is “ludicrous” and that he deserves a stiffer sentence.

Scott Petrie’s letter, reviewed by Business Insider, reads:

“What a deal. I would have jumped on that too because in about 10 years Mr. Fogle will come out of prison, be a multi-millionaire still and will still like little or young girls … I know, I’m a pedophile, and the only message his plea deal is sending is that if your [sic] rich enough you can play but it will cost you some money and some time.”

Petrie’s opinion of Fogle’s restitution is anything but favorable. He claims he suffered sexual abuse as a child and that money wouldn’t have helped him recover anymore than it will help Fogle’s victims work through the mess he made of their lives.

Thomas S. Ford said in his letter to Judge Dinsmore that Fogle’s plea deal is “a slap in the face.” Ford is serving 16+ years behind bars for one count of distributing child porn.

“This plea agreement is a slap in the face to the child victims as well as the people many people convicted for non-contact sex offenses. I understand that Mr. Fogle will be paying restitution to the 14 victims, but the fact that he has assets to throw around does not negate him from being punished for his egregious actions and behaviors. Just the fact that he has 14 VICTIMS is enough to consider a sentence far and away than the reported plea agreement.”


Other terms of Fogle’s plea deal are:

  • Prohibition from unsupervised meetings or communication with minors for a set period of time once he’s out of prison
  • Registration as a sex offender
  • Restriction on being employed in any capacity that requires contact with minors
  • Consent to periodic home and computer searches
  • Installation of special software on his computer that will monitor his activities.

The inmates have a point. It’s unfair that the sentence for one count of kiddie-porn distribution is 16+ years when Fogle did it more and actually had sex with minors. Hopefully, Judge Pratt will see this as being “ludicrous,” too and reject the plea.

Fogle has thus far paid 10 of his victims and will pay the remaining 4 before his sentencing. According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven DeBrota, the money will be used for mental health counseling and medical care to assist Fogle’s victims to “go on with their lives and put them where they should have been had none of this happened.”


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