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Largest Bedbug Settlement in Maryland History – $100,000

— September 21, 2015

In what turns out to be one of the largest – and grossest – settlements for bedbugs in a hotel in the state of Maryland, Stacey Belle just got $100K! She stayed one night at the Red Roof Inn at Prince George’s County. She awoke the next morning with itchy welts all over her hand and arms. Upon looking under her pillow, she discovered a swarm of visibly crawling bedbugs.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite! Sadly, this was not the advice given to Ms. Stacey Belle, a Winston-Salem woman and former guest of Red Roof Inn in Prince George’s County, Maryland. In fact, no warning at all was given about the pesky vermin and there certainly should have been one. Ms. Belle was given the largest bedbug settlement in Maryland history – $100,000!

Ms Belle stayed one night at the Inn in January 2014. The next morning, she awoke itching to discover welts on her hand and arms. Upon lifting up her pillow, Ms. Belle found a horde of bedbugs visibly crawling around. She later sued Red Roof Inn and her lawyer commented that Ms. Belle was “completely disgusted.”


I should say so! From all accounts, bedbugs are a bigger problem than itchy welts. The little critters infest everything they touch. I only hope Ms. Belle was well enough informed to know this and to either wash every bit of clothing she had with her on this fateful trip before taking it into her home or just throw it away. If not, I can almost promise that she has a houseful of the pests today.

The $100,000 settlement was to compensate her for the bites and her subsequent distress. Ms. Belle’s lawyer commented that the settlement is one of the largest in a bedbug case in Maryland’s long history.

Personally, I’d take the money and run… all the way to the nearest therapist for $100,000 worth of treatment. I would never be able to comfortably put my arms under my pillow again. Honestly, I don’t know that even that much therapy would fix it. Just writing this piece, I can feel the little pests all over.

Thanks for reading, bye; I have to go shower NOW!


Jury awards Winston-Salem woman $100k over bedbugs in hotel room

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