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Location-Based Services – What We Should Know

— December 18, 2020

You can enjoy other services, including geo-fencing, whereabouts alerts, etc. Such features help you guard your loved ones against potential dangers. 

People who are not tech-savvy still think that location tracking is not their cup of tea. But they have no idea how easy it has become to track cell phone location without spending a penny. Millennials had not grown up in the digital world, but Gen Z did. Kid’s monitoring also includes location tracking as their parents want to learn where they go after school, etc. Business also needs location tracking services for employee surveillance. But do you know there are ways to track anyone’s location without spending any money.

Be a Tech-Savvy Person in this Modern World

1 – Tracking Phone’s Location Using IMEI 

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), is the database of information maintained by the cell phone carrier and related to the ownership of a cellular device or mobile devices. Every cell phone has an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). This number is displayed on the IMEI port of the phone. IMEI is often referred to as IMEI records. When you attempt to locate a cell phone using IMEI it can give various results depending on the service provider, carrier, type of phone and country of origin.

IMEI providers are required to keep this data confidential so that they can charge you a fee for accessing their databases. IMEI records are frequently used by law enforcement and other emergency services personnel to find lost, stolen or missing people. The service costs vary depending on what kind of record you want. Subscribers can get up to date detailed reports about the whereabouts of a particular cell phone owner.

There are several ways in which IMEI works. If you are reading this article, then chances are good that you are looking to track a mobile phone’s location. You will be happy to know that most countries have their own private cell phone tracking companies that charge only a small fee for access to their extensive database of cellular phones. They will have a nominal fee for each report but it will be well worth the expense. You will be able to enter the area code of the phone in question into their web site and get the results you need within moments. If you do not wish to pay the fee to use their service, you can just type the cell phone number in any search engine and retrieve the report for that number instantly.

2 – Monitor Live-Location with Cell Phone Tracker 

The other way to get your phone location is a mobile tracker. It also requires an installation process and finds the location with a remote command. When the end-user downloads the cell phone tracker, it will send the alerts through the web-browser control panel. You can buy license and download the app from the official website. After setting up the application you can access the device with remote commands.

How useful are location-based services?


To make use of Geo-Fencing, a director or designer should initially build up a virtual limit around a predefined area in GPS-or RFID-empowered programming. This can be as straightforward as a circle drawn 100 feet around an area on Google Maps, as indicated utilizing APIs when building up a versatile application. This virtual Geo-Fencing will trigger a reaction when an approved gadget enters or leaves that region, as indicated by the director or engineer.

New York would limit the ways in which cell phone companies can pawn off users’ location data. Image by Ryan J. Farrick.

A Geo-Fence is most usually characterized inside the code of a portable application, particularly since clients need to pick in to area administrations for the Geo-Fence to work. On the off chance that you go to a show scene, they may have an application you can download that will convey data about the occasion. Or on the other hand, a retailer may draw a Geo-Fence around its sources to trigger portable cautions for clients who have downloaded the retailer’s versatile application. In these cases, a Geo-Fence that is overseen by the retailer is customized into the application, and clients can select to delay area access for the application.

Whereabouts Notifications

This may be an alert about something like a change in the time zone or an addition or deletion of a file or other data. It may also be used to indicate to the user that some information will be sent to another user in a different manner. The purpose of sending such notifications is usually to update the existing server software so that it will be able to accommodate the changes made and so that other users will be informed of the same.

Final Thoughts 

In digital times, never choose any online product until you ensure its reliability, price, features, compatibility, privacy terms, legal issues, reviews, etc. To eliminate scams, you should join an authentic platform.

Technology has eliminated the stalking factor to ensure someone’s safety with location tracking. Our posts also describe how to track someone’s phone, but the most convenient method is the cell phone tracker. It often uses GPS tech to reach the target phone and bring precise location with only a few clicks. Bluetooth can monitor only a limited zone. You can also enjoy other services, including geo-fencing, whereabouts alerts, etc. Such features help you guard your loved ones against potential dangers.

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