Former Houston TV Reporter’s Suit Promises To Get Nasty

Golly! Fired Fox 26 reporter Lloyd Gite alleges “on-air talent sleeping with management, reporters appearing drunk on camera, anchors loudly hating each other’s guts, cameramen smoking dope or drinking at work, reporters stealing company money and lesser-qualified people being promoted ahead of him . . . .” And that’s just from depositions. Can’t wait for the trial. Read more here. (Thanks to for the link.)

Interesting Cert Petition

A Kansas teenager performed consensual oral sex on another male teenager at his school. He drew a sentence of 17 years under Kansas law. Had his “partner” been female, he would have received probation. His cert petition raises three interesting constitutional issues. Read all about it here on SCOTUSblog.

Copyrighted Legal Pleadings

Law firm Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach found that other plaintiffs’ firms were copying its complaints verbatim. So it started putting copyright notices on its pleadings, and started registering them with the Copyright Office. Now it is sending out “cease and desist” letters, though it has yet to file any lawsuits, according to this article. Sounds like a stretch to me . . . .