Computer Thief Finally Nabbed

The 25 year-old Pakistani college dropout, who investigators say is “brilliant,” used an incredibly elaborate scheme involving fake names, mail drops, and stolen credit card numbers to steal some $3 million worth of brand new PC equipment from US companies. He then resold the loot as legitimate merchandise through his Karachi business. After months of investigation, he was finally caught after being tracked down through his ISP. The International Herald Tribune reports the details here.

Dog Law

In the wake of the San Francisco mauling death of Diane Whipple, prosecutors are getting tougher laws against owners whose animals attack. And in Illinois, dog owners are getting groundbreaking protection when their dogs are attacked, the ABA Journal reports.

Supreme Court Nominee Bingo

In law school, we sometimes played a game called “asshole bingo.” We’d make up cards with the pictures of the biggest blowhards in class – the people who always had to raise their hands and kiss the professor’s ass – arranged randomly in a grid, and cross them off as each spoke up, hoping for “BINGO!” The current speculation about the next Supreme Court Justice somehow has a similar feel . . . .

Ninth Circuit Slams IRS

The Ninth Circuit has published an opinion extremely critical of the IRS, ruling in favor of the taxpayers whom the IRS tried to prosecute for participating in a tax shelter scheme. It seems the lawyers for the IRS perpetrated a fraud on the court that lasted for years. Both attorneys have been disciplined, and they may yet be disbarred. Read an article about it or read the Court’s opinion itself.

Curious George Going to Court

Hanna-Barbera and the cheeky monkey say Universal Studios has been ripping them off, according to this. It remains to be seen whether Curious George’s allegations have merit. But if they do, Universal may have messed with the wrong monkey. Just ask the Man in the Yellow Hat.