Is the Entertainment Industry the Next Catholic Church In Terms of Sex Abuse Lawsuits?

Effective January 1, 2003, California enacted new Code of Civil Procedure section 340.1, which effectively lifts the statute of limitations completely on suits alleging childhood sexual molestation for a period of one year. Some cases alleging abuse as long as 30 years ago are going forward. Many think the entertainment industry, with its infamous “casting couches,” is about to get hit as hard as the Catholic Church has been, according to this.

Medical Fraud in Asbestos Litigation?

This article discusses a study of claims of asbestos disease submitted by plaintiffs’ firms to the Manville Trust, which was created and funded with $2 billion following the 1982 bankruptcy of Johns-Manville. The Trust pays out set amounts to those who file injury claims alleging exposure to its products. Among many disturbing findings, the study found one doctor who had diagnosed a staggering 30,467 claimants with low-level asbestos disease in a six-year period. According to my calculations, that works out to an average of about 21 positive diagnoses each day for six years! Sound fishy to you?

Ex-Associate Sues Firm for Race Discrimination

Patricia Russell Brown says she was promised partnership when she lateralled to 750-lawyer Dorsey & Whitney in 2000. But she never got it, allegedly because she is black. She says no black associate has ever made partner there, and the firm has only three black partners in total, according to this.

No Bankruptcy for Attorney With Student Loan Debt

Attorney James E. Stern tried for several years to make a living as a lawyer, but eventually gave up in frustration and moved to France with his French wife. He filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, hoping to shed about $150k in educational loans. But the court found that he hadn’t made the requisite showing, and refused to discharge the debt, according to this.