What is UP With Michael Jackson’s Face????

This article about Michael Jackson testifying in California today about some concerts that never happened is not particularly interesting, but the picture of him is horrifying! He looks like a cross between Planet of the Apes and Laura Flynn Boyle! Jesus! (WARNING! If you click on the picture, it gets BIGGER!!!)

UPDATE: Here’s a frightening website chronicling the HiStory of Jackson’s face. Pretty funny.

Ninth Circuit Says Gennifer Flowers’ Suit Can Proceed

She can still go after Carville and Stephanopolous, but her claims against Hillary Clinton are barred by the 2-year statute of limitations in Nevada, where Flowers now lives and where she sued. Kozinski authored the opinion, and it is somewhat snarky regarding Flowers’ claims, noting that she “faces an uphill battle.” Nevertheless, the case goes forward, at least in part. You can read the opinion (it’s an Adobe Acrobat file) here.