Big Brother

The New York Times reports that the Pentagon is working on a computer system to spy on us.

“As the director of the effort, Vice Adm. John M. Poindexter, has described the system in Pentagon documents and in speeches, it will provide intelligence analysts and law enforcement officials with instant access to information from Internet mail and calling records to credit card and banking transactions and travel documents, without a search warrant.”

“Without a search warrant.” Can you say Big Brother? I knew that you could.

You can read it here (may require registration).

Time to join the ACLU?

Presidential Poetry

“Make the Pie Higher.” I can’t tell you how happy I am to have such an articulate president. Our former masters, the British, appreciate it too. Thrill to our President’s command of his native language, as noted by our european brethren (and sistren)!

Unreconstructed Communist Propaganda (for amusement purposes only)

North Korea posts daily “news” in English that is often hilarious. The website offers unreconstructed communist propaganda and dogma, which is quite poorly translated. Entries tend to detail the antics of North Korean Premier Kim Jong Il, and they are often unintentionally amusing.

In a typical posting, Premier Kim Jong Il undertakes some inspirational trip — such as visiting workers at a shovel factory or goat farm or the like. These visits are invariably preceeded by great periods of personal self-deprivation on the part of Kim. He often works through the night without food (except for [if lucky] a rice ball), and he sometimes has to travel by donkey over impassible mountains to be with his people. Once on site, Kim dispenses brilliant advice to the brave workers about industrial efficiency or military strength or something similar. The workers understandably appreciate this. Typically, their thankfulness first rises to the level of near orgasm, and then they acheive release by presenting Kim with some ridiculous gift.

Next day, the process repeats at the next shovel factory or goat farm down the line.

I love this stuff.

(Thanks to Matt Drudge for linking to North Korea’s website for many years.)