Boston Bloodbath

Boston law firm Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault has just laid off 34 1st and 2nd-year associates — or nine percent of its total lawyers, according to this.

South Carolina Law Firm Ripped Apart By Huge Tobacco Fees

The small firm netted between $2 and $3 billion in fees. Now it has split apart, with former partners suing each other. The fight includes disputes over the firm’s $18 million Falcon 50 corporate jet (one of several), and has the former partners calling each other endearing diminutives such as “antichrist” and “dictator,” according to this article.

Rehnquist’s Legacy: Federalism

Sooner or later (perhaps sooner . . .), Chief Justice Rehnquist will retire. How will “The Rehnquist Era” be viewed in the future? This interesting article argues that Rehnquist will be remembered for the blossoming of federalism and for “breathing new life into the 10th Amendment.” It discusses what may be the genesis the movement spearheaded by Rehnquist — his dissent in an obscure 1975 decision, Fry v. United States. Duke University law Professor H. Jefferson Powell says: “What was viewed in Fry as basically a lunatic position has now become orthodoxy. Chief Justice Rehnquist has shifted the center of the discussion so far it would take a long time to shift it back. He took the long view, and he has won.” For better or worse . . . .

Lawsuit May Stop The Superbowl

An attorney has filed an application for an injunction in U.S. District Court to force Qualcomm Stadium to comply with the terms of a 2001 settlement in which it agreed to improve access for the disabled, according to this at