Bad lawyer! BAD!

The Florida Supreme Court has disbarred an attorney who filed meritless racial bias employment cases as a form of “extortion.” He also allowed a paralegal (who happens to be a convicted felon) to practice law and shared fees with him, according to this.

Using RICO Against Abortion Protesters

Read Dahlia Lithwick’s report on the oral arguments at the Supreme Court on this issue today. (Sometimes even I start to think that this blog is little more than a mirror site to Lithwick’s Supreme Court reporting on Slate. But you’ve got to admit: She’s good, baby. Damn good!) UPDATE: Read CNN’s somewhat less amusing (but still interesting) report on the arguments here.

Federal Judge Awards $506 Million Against Peeping Pornographers

A Federal District Court Judge in Chicago awarded $1 million in damages and $10 million in punitives each to 46 male college athletes who were secretly taped in their locker rooms, restrooms, and showers. The defendants were eight companies and three individuals who marketed the videos on the internet at sites advertising “hot younger dudes.” ESPN is reporting on it here.

Fry Winona! (Sung to the Tune of “My Sharona”)

The prosecution has asked for 3 years probation and $26k in restitution and fines at the sentencing hearing this Friday Dec. 6 on Winona Ryder’s shoplifting conviction. The Sentencing Memorandum also reveals for the first time that Winona had eight (count ’em, eight!) different kinds of narcotic pain killers on her when arrested. (I personally require a maximum of only six pain killers, all labeled “Budweiser,” even on bad days.) (Thanks to thesmokinggun for the link.)

George Michael Going Back to Court re: Beverly Hills Bathroom Hijinks

Musician George Michael was sued for slander by Los Angeles police officer Marcelo Rodriguez after Michael alleged that Rodriquez had entrapped him in Michael’s 1998 arrest for lewd behavior in a Beverly Hills public restroom. Michael stated publicly that Rodriguez had “induced” him to misbehave because Rodriguez had exposed himself to and masturbated in front of Michael before Michael got nasty. The trial court dismissed the case for failure to state a claim, but now the Ninth Circuit says Officer Rodriguez can have his day in court. Justice Reinhardt dissents. (PDF format) (Cudos to How Appealing for the link.)