McDonalds Fat Suit Thrown Out

In a 64-page decision, Federal District Judge Robert W. Sweet for the District of New York tossed the suit, saying McDonalds is not to blame when parents allow their children to eat too much fast food, when they know (or should have known) it isn’t healthy. But the Judge gave plaintiffs an opportunity to amend and re-file, according to this from You can also read the opinion here (thanks to How Appealing for the link).

Suit For $172 Million Filed In Federal Court In D.C. Over Car Accident In Nairobi Involving US Diplomat

Reuben Grey was killed and his son was seriously injured in the February 2001 accident. The UN concluded that the other driver, Dirk Dijkerman, the head of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) mission in Kenya, was driving on the wrong side of the road with his high-beams on after leaving a party, and that he left the scene of the accident. After getting no satisfaction in Kenya or from administrative claims against both the State Department and USAID, the family filed suit in Washington D.C. The case raises interesting issues, including the issue of diplomatic immunity, the Washington Post reports here.

$40 Million Punitive Med-Mal Award Erased In Texas

Despite egregious facts — the surgeon was a narcotics addict and the patient suffered severe brain damage after nearly bleeding to death during surgery for a herniated disc — the appellate court found plaintiff had not established that the hospital was “consciously indifferent” in allowing the surgeon to continue to perform operations, according to this.

Judge Rules Comic Book Action Figures Are “Non-Human”

You gotta love the law. The fight was over import tarriffs, which tax “dolls” (human) more heavily than “toys” (non-human). As the Wall Street Journal reports here, some comic book fans are howling in protest over the ruling denying their heroes “human” status. But the Judge ain’t budging, and it appears that she did her homework: “Judge Barzilay, through a spokesman, said that she would let her 32-page decision speak for itself. [S]he described in her ruling how she subjected many of the figures to ‘comprehensive examinations.’ At times, that included ‘the need to remove the clothes of the figure.'”

Computer Thief Finally Nabbed

The 25 year-old Pakistani college dropout, who investigators say is “brilliant,” used an incredibly elaborate scheme involving fake names, mail drops, and stolen credit card numbers to steal some $3 million worth of brand new PC equipment from US companies. He then resold the loot as legitimate merchandise through his Karachi business. After months of investigation, he was finally caught after being tracked down through his ISP. The International Herald Tribune reports the details here.