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Petra Laszlo Plans to Sue a Refugee She Kicked

— October 21, 2015

Meet Petra Laszlo, Donald Trump in drag. This racist poor excuse for a human being is a former camerawoman for Hungarian news network N1TV. While at the Hungarian-Serbian border, Laszlo channeled The Donald and began tripping and kicking refugees as the ran for the border to escape the devastation in their homeland. One of her victims, Osama Abdul Mohsen, was carrying his young son when Laszlo used him as a human soccer ball. Mohsen flew through the air and landed on top of the child, who suffered a concussion. Now, Laszlo is planning to sue Mohsen for lying about the incident despite the fact that it was all caught on camera.

America, enjoy your fifteen minutes of redemption! Known as one of the most litigious societies in the world – and for some of the stupidest lawsuits ever filed – the U.S. gets a break this week thanks to Petra Laszlo. Who is she and why is she taking the ridiculous lawsuit spotlight away from us? Petra Laszlo, a former camerawoman for Hungarian news station N1TV, is basically Donald Trump in drag: an obnoxious, racist, anti-immigration dirt bag. Caught on camera tripping and kicking refugees at the Hungarian-Serbian border, Petra Laszlo plans to sue a refugee she kicked.

Currently, the camerawoman-turned-confused-soccer-player is on trial facing criminal charges for her deplorable behavior. But just you wait, world! Once she’s acquitted (because she believes she will be), she plans to sue, sue, sue! One suit will be against Facebook. Laszlo claims the mega-social site deleted groups that supported her foul foot action, while refusing to take down groups she said were threatening her.

Then there’s Osama Abdul Mohsen. Laszlo is planning a defamation suit, alleging that Mohsen lied about the whole ordeal. The camerawoman who was caught on camera kicking Mohsen is claiming that the man lied. She’s obviously drawing on the same logic for her legal planning that she used at the border.

It gets even better (actually worse). Mohsen is holding his son, Zaid, in the video and is yelling, “baby, baby, baby!” as he runs for the border. Apparently, Laszlo thought this meant she’d get extra points in the twisted soccer match in her mind if she actually nailed the guy with the baby. Because that’s exactly what she did. Hearts around the world broke watching Mohsen fly through the air and land on his son. Zaid suffered a concussion as a result of the fall.

The shocking display of the worst aspects of human nature cost Laszlo her job. Once N1TV canned her sorry ass, she got all repentant, writing a letter to Magyar Nemzet, a Hungarian newspaper. The letter stated that she “honestly” regretted being a racist jackass.

In this image taken from TV a Hungarian camerawoman, center left in blue, kicks out at a young migrant who had just crossed the border from Serbia  near Roszke Hungary Tuesday Sept. 8, 2015. The camerawoman has been fired after she was caught on video kicking and tripping migrants entering Hungary across the border with Serbia. The N1TV Internet channel said their employee, widely identified in Hungarian media as Petra Laszlo, has been dismissed because she "behaved unacceptably" at a makeshift gathering point where police take migrants immediately after they enter Hungary near the village of Roszke.(Index.Hu. via AP) HUNGARY OUT

“I’m not a heartless, child-kicking racist,” she said.

The best reply to this asinine assertion comes from a comment left at by username highfalutinwithbakunin:

“She’s not a heartless, child-kicking racist. She’s a heartless, child-kicking, LITIGIOUS racist. Duh.”

I couldn’t have put it any better myself!

On a happier note, Mohsen got a job offer from a soccer school in Spain. Madrid authorities are making efforts to reunite Mohsen and Zaid with other family members who are currently in Turkey.


Hungarian Camerawoman Who Kicked Refugees Will Sue One of the Refugees She Kicked 

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