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Plaintiff’s Allege that JONAH’s ‘Gay Cure’ Religious Therapy Group is Nothing But Junk Science’

— June 4, 2015

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The Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH) was sued for fraud in 2012. The four Jersey City plaintiffs allege that JONAH’s ‘gay cure’ religious therapy group is nothing but “junk science.” Opening arguments in the case began this week.

I will warn you upfront that if you have incest or abuse triggers, you may not wish to read further. JONAH’s “treatment” program is nothing less than repugnant. Frankly, “junk science” doesn’t even begin to describe the disgusting program run by these supposed healers.

The suits describes JONAH’s “treatment” as including being placed in a locker room type setting and subjected to anti-gay slurs, as well as being told to beat a pillow with a tennis racket. The pillow was a proxy for the plaintiffs’ mothers.

The most repulsive part of JONAH’s program involved requiring “patients” to spend naked time with their fathers. Because everyone knows that pseudo-incest and domestic violence by proxy, along with simulated bullying is a sure cure for what ails ya, especially if it’s a bad case of liking sex with other men. Pardon my lapse in professionalism but, WTH!?!?!?

David Diniello, attorney for the plaintiffs, commented,”My clients needed help but JONAH lied and JONAH made it worse… All they got was junk science and so-called cures.” Of course, they also paid for the “privilege” of adding even more psychological trauma than they already had from dealing with difficulties accepting themselves and their sexuality.

JONAH’s lawyer, Charles LiMandri, released a statement which said that JONAH’s methods were those commonly used by therapists and some even reported being successfully cured of gayness. LiMandri’s statement continues, saying that none of the four plaintiffs ever asked for a refund and had even spoken “glowingly” about JONAH until they were contacted by activists. After that contact, the plaintiffs “denounced” JONAH and eventually filed suit.

Um, one is forced to wonder if LiMandri has ever heard of Stockholm’s Syndrome, wherein hostages subjected to abuse eventually end up identifying with and even liking their captors. It certainly sounds to me like that’s a plausible explanation for the plaintiffs speaking “glowingly” about JONAH.

Then, of course, those evil activists butted in and helped the plaintiffs to understand that being abused in a locker room, beating your mother and letting it all hang out with dear old dad is fifty shades of psychologically warped BS. How in the name of common sense and logic is *shudders* getting naked with Dad supposed to make me not gay? Or beating an effigy of Mom? And, if anti-gay taunting in locker rooms actually “cured” gayness, there’d not be one single homo in the world today, myself included.

When New Jersey enacted a law preventing true perverts like JONAH from practicing its “cure” therapy on minors, JONAH complained. It accused the state of attempting to shut down the debate on the issue. Guess what, JONAH? I’m glad NJ stood up to you and just said, “No!”

When will people realize that being gay is not an “illness” and does not require a “cure”? How can the leaders at JONAH even sleep at night perpetuating such ridiculous and psychologically damaging “treatments”?

People who have been socially or religiously brainwashed into think they’re sick seek out these weirdos as a last-ditch effort to be “normal.” Eventually, they realize that they already are “normal” and get on with healing the damage caused by those who were “helping.”

I would love it if the court, as part of a hefty damages award, forced JONAH to pay real therapists to help these four victims find peace. I would also love it if the judge reminded JONAH and its leaders that, of course, the victims would praise them until the victims understood what really happened to them.

That’s classic Stockholm’s Sydrome. It amazes me that an organization whose forbears suffered what had to be one of the world’s worst instances of abuse would be so quick to forget history.

For shame, JONAH, for shame! Your ancestors are spinning in their graves.


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