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Recall Includes 630 Lead-laden Pink Giraffe Purses

— September 2, 2015

A child’s product, the Pink Giraffe Animal Purse was recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for having a zipper painted with lead-paint. The amount of lead in the paint is over the allowable amount. Parents should retrieve these purses immediately and contact the seller, Imagine Nation Books, for a full refund.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission just issued a recall of the Pink Giraffe Animal Purse. The recall is due to the red paint on the product’s zipper, which violates the federal lead paint standard by containing too much lead. According to the CDC, there is no safe blood level of lead for children. Lead exposure, even in small amounts, can negatively affect a child’s ability to pay attention, academic performance and even IQ. The recall includes 630 lead-laden Pink Giraffe Purses.

To date, no adverse incidents involving the Pink Giraffe Animal Purse have been reported. The purses were made in China by Wan Le Xiang Bao Shang Hang and imported by Imagine Nation Books, in Louisville, Colorado. The purses were sold nationwide at various corporate and hospital book fairs, between July 2014 and March 2015. They sold at prices between $5 and $6.

It is relatively simple to identify the purses in the recall. They look like pink stuffed giraffes with brown spots and brown feet. The products have red zippers running down the center of the giraffes’ backs. Look for a sewn-in tag inside the purses’ zipper pouch that reads “MADE IN CHINA.”

The purses also had hangtags reading, “JEWELRY is fun, LEAD COMPLIANT” on the front and “WARNING: Not for Children under 3 years old”, “,” item number “CHJF10032AST” on the back. Only the pink and brown giraffes have lead-painted zippers.

Logo-Books-Are-FunImagine Nation Books advises parents to take away these purses from their young children immediately. Parents can contact Imagine Nation Books for a refund by:


Imagine Nation Books Recalls Pink Giraffe Animal Purse Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard

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