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Red Bull Gives You $13M

— July 9, 2015

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Red Bull North America, Inc. just settled two class action lawsuits claiming that the company’s advertising lied about the safety and performance of Red Bull energy drinks. According to the settlement, Red Bull gives you $13M.

Plaintiffs got cheesed off at Red Bull’s claims that “Red Bull gives you wings” and “vitalizes body and mind” all because of its superior ingredients. Apparently, the plaintiffs neither sprouted wings nor performed athletically like Michael Jordan. In fact, the plaintiffs claim that the famous energy drink doesn’t provide any more of a punch that a caffeine pill or a good ol’ (cheap) cup of Joe (coffee, for you youngsters).

Also at issue are the scientific studies on the Red Bull website. These studies claim that the drink is by far the superior choice over products that are merely caffeinated. Plaintiffs, however, call BS. They claim that the company has no scientifically reliable studies to support its claims of superiority.

The legal counts in the suit include unjust enrichment, breach of express warranty and violations of various states’ consumer protection laws. The company decided to settle in order to avoid the “burden, expense and risk” of going to trial. However, Red Bull denies doing anything wrong and holds tight to its claims that its advertising and labeling is accurate and truthful.

In my personal experience, Red Bull gives me the shakes and a total inability to sleep. Of course, that may have had something to do with the fact that my consumption was after 10pm and that I had three of them. In my defense, they were mixed with vodka so I really wasn’t looking for wings. Hey, I was young once…


Red Bull Energy Drink Class Action Settlement

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