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Separation of Church and State is Dead!

— May 26, 2015


Ding-dong, separation of church and state is dead! According to Right Wing Watch, the Republican National Committee is partnered with the American Renewal Project (ARP) with the goal of establishing Christianity as the official religion of the United States.

David Lane, a Christian Nationalist and rabid anti-gay extremist lead ARP. It’s also strongly connected to the American Family Association, which is an influential far-right wing organization. Together, these fanatics have decided to forget actual history and instead, rely on an entirely fictional version in which Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers intended America to be a Christian nation.

Theocratic Lane sent and email alert to his followers last week, once again pushing the importance of his message:

“The American church has lost its commission in the public square, its purpose for being. Ultimately, unless we find the chart and compass used by Colonial America to establish Christianity as the official religion of America, America will no longer be.”

The majority of this twaddle is based on false understandings or flat-out misrepresentations of American history. Lane isn’t known for his connection to anything we’d recognize as reality, though. One need only look toward his public statements to see that his reality is so far attenuated from actual reality as to not even be recognizable. To wit:

“The separation of church and state is a ‘lie’ and a ‘fabricated whopper’ used to stop Christian America – the moral majority – from imposing moral government on pagan public schools, pagan higher learning and pagan media.”

“We were established as a Christian nation, for the advancement of the Christian faith.”

“Vote to restore the Bible and prayer in public schools or be sent home. Hanging political scalps on the wall is the only love language politicians can hear.”

“While America was a Christian nation since its founding, now it must choose between being a Christian nation or a pagan nation.”

Normally, I’d just write Lane and his ilk off like the whackadoodles they are, but here’s the rub: this guy actually has some clout. If you’re not scared, you should be! Many members of the GOP hang on his every word. Some of them even took an all-expenses paid trip to Israel on Lane’s and the American Family Associations’ dime. Granted, some politicians aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but even these cannot say they don’t know – and, at least, implicitly – support Lane’s agenda.

That is the scary part because these wingnuts make the laws that govern our nation. They all get so uppity and indignant about Islam and Sharia law, in particular, but they don’t see the irony of their actions. If they get their way, it’s goodbye “land of the free.” Wives, plan on being barefoot and pregnant; LGBTQs run for your lives before the new Gestapo finds you. Welcome to ameriCa, the new theocracy.


Republicans Call For Christianity As ‘Official Religion’ of US

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