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Severe Weather and Possible Tornadoes Hitting Texas Tuesday

— April 22, 2016

Severe weather and possible tornadoes hitting Texas Tuesday of next week and into Wednesday, according to Andrew Gagnon, AccuWeather Assistant Director of Storm Warning Services.

He said, “All modes of severe weather are likely, including tornadoes, large hail and damaging winds. Of the two days, Tuesday has the greatest potential to produce numerous tornadoes, including some strong [wedge] tornadoes that could be on the ground for an extended period of time.”

He suggested that individuals, families and emergency managers should look at their severe weather safety plans now to make sure they’re prepared. The Texas legislature has created the Emergency Preparation sales tax holiday to help make it easier to stock up on emergency supplies. The EPS sales tax holiday runs from 12:01AM on April 23rd through midnight on April 25th.

Mr. Gagnon advised that the greatest risk for violent storms on Tuesday covers central Texas and a large part of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. He pointed out that this could change depending on the course of a storm moving out from the Rockies Monday night.

If that storm does not influence the predicted severe weather, it will move eastward Wednesday. According to Mr. Gagnon, “Storms on Wednesday will focus over the middle part of the Mississippi Valley. The event on Wednesday is likely to transition from isolated tornadoes at first to more of a strong wind gust event.”

However, that severe weather may reach out to parts of northeastern Texas on Wednesday.

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Besides the risk of tornadoes and high-wind and hailstorms, heavy rainfall could cause further damage, including flash flooding. Areas that have had heavy rainfall in the last week or so are especially at risk of flash flooding. Another risk is cloud-to-ground lightning strikes.


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