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Texas State Rep Thinks Women Should Carry Dead Fetuses to Full Term

— May 5, 2015



Matt Schaefer, a Republican Texas state rep thinks women should carry dead fetuses to full term. To the effect, he proposed an amendment last week that would prevent abortions after twenty weeks even if the fetus “has a severe and irreversible abnormality” up to and including death. Some of Schaefer’s own Republican cronies got the heebie-jeebies this proposal was so repugnant.

Sadly, the amendment passed! I’ll wait until your blood pressure returns to normal and you’re done asking the Universe, “What did I just read?!”

The master genius behind this legislative piece of toilet tissue pulled the amendment for full committee review only after the House Democrat from San Antonio, Martinez Fischer, filed a legislative point of order. Jessica Farrar, the Democratic rep from Houston, said it was the most misogynistic piece of legislation shed seen in twenty-one years of service.

Why would anyone want to put a family through such pain and a woman under so great a health risk? They’re already facing the knowledge that their pregnancy isn’t viable. Their doctors may even have told them that, in order to save the mother’s life, the pregnancy should be terminated. If the fetus is already dead, decay will set in shortly after and the mother could die of sepsis, a systemic infection.

I ask again, why?

One needs look no further than Schaefer’s faith. He is quoted as saying that such suffering is “part of the human condition, since sin entered the world.” Let that sink in for a moment. This man has the power to propose laws that impact human lives.

Let me be perfectly clear about something: I’m OK with people of the faith, whatever that faith may be. I am not OK when they whip out that faith and try to bludgeon people over the head with it. I am not OK when they whip it out and use it to justify the denial of hard scientific fact.


The fact is that carrying a dead fetus will eventually cause the mother to sicken and die. Period. No “sin,” no other issue will change that fact. Dead tissue decays, decay inside a living being causes sepsis. Failure to remove that dead tissue and treat the sepsis results in death. FACT!

This is proven by medical science. However, people like Schaefer like to disregard medical science in favor of faith. Fine, if they keep it to themselves. I’m taking bets that if Schaefer got prostate cancer, he’d be in the chemo chair faster than you can say, “Amen!” because obviously, God has blessed the doctor with the ability to cure him. Likewise, I’m willing to bet that if he ever suffered erectile dysfunction, he’d be on boner pills in a heartbeat because God blessed the pharmaceutical industry with the knowledge needed to fix his failing manhood.

But let a woman rely on medical science, the same medical science with which God blessed the doctor and the pharm company? Hah! Nope! The fact that the poor mother will wither and die as she carries her dead fetus is just suffering caused by sin.

What. A. Load.

The fact that his amendment actually passed? An even bigger load.

I propose an experiment. Let’s take a dead fetus and surgically implant it in Schaefer’s abdomen. Let’s make him carry it for four months. After all, suffering is “part of the human condition, since sin entered the world.” Why shouldn’t he have an idea of what that suffering is like before he imposes it on innocent women?

His faith should be strong enough to see him through.


TX Republican Lawmaker Wants Women To Carry Nonviable/Deceased Fetuses To Full Term


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