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Wholesale Eyelash Market Ignites Opportunities for Packaging Industry

— October 20, 2020

Break the monotony and embrace innovation since keeping things fresh and on-trend is what this industry is all about.

According to Market Research Future statistics, an eyelash artist earns up to $50,000 per annum. 80% of the lash experts responded that they are delighted with their careers. This report revealed the positive impact the eyelash market is bringing on the US economy. So far, the eyelash market has become one of the most incredible job creation machines in the US. According to a report issued by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cosmetic industry will outpace other sectors. This increasing growth is deemed to create many opportunities for the packaging industry. The Legacy Printing is a packaging solutions provider based in California whose team is bravely disrupting the pressure some archaic and rigid boundaries of the packaging industry with a bold new approach to unique and one-of-a-kind packaging.

The packaging’s design must complement the product and its brand so that customers buy the product confidently and happily. Delicately used typography and a bold color palette are what boats confidence and a sense of belonging in the minds of women who purchase eyelashes. The competition has gotten fierce. Therefore, hundreds of brands are breaking grounds through excellent packaging. When it comes to custom eyelash boxes with logo, there is a bewildering variety of packaging designs, formats, and colors. Make sure that your boxes communicate the personality of the brand through emotional cues and visual language. With such devotion and effort, our eyelash packaging honors and celebrates the boldness and beauty of women.

It All Begins with a Design Brief

While planning the design of Custom eyelash boxes, it is best to get a quick, interactive guide to understand the design. Through the design brief, the clients understand how their packaging will look. Always remember that a design brief is finalized before a digital mockup. Once you approve the design brief, the printer creates a digital mockup of your box. Documenting your plans and creating mockups gives you and your printer a clearer picture of the steps and procedures involving the designing and printing of your boxes. Therefore, it is best to document every step.

Marketing plan in a planner; image by, via Unsplash.
Marketing plan in a planner; image by, via Unsplash.

The beauty aisles and racks are the most glowing and elegant aisle in a departmental store. The cosmetics and beauty products are meant to emphasize the visual appeal. Therefore these products require packaging that exudes the stunning qualities of the product. The wholesale eyelash boxes comprise of vibrant colors, foiled stamped trim, and embossed text. More than just an appealing outlook, the eyelash boxes are required to convey vital information, for example, application instructions, usability, and warnings. All of these points must be written on the boxes while retaining the attraction of the custom eyelash boxes with the logo. Always make sure that these points are part of your design brief.

The Dazzle is in the Details

Make sure to stay ahead in the eyelash packaging trends. Be it a simple paperboard eyelash box with a die-cut or paperboard boxes with gloss lamination, always remember that it is the smaller details that create massive distinction. Therefore, when it comes to eyelash boxes, always go for innovative formats and formulations. Create a packaging that reflects dynamism, glamour, and boldness. Break the monotony and embrace innovation since keeping things fresh and on-trend is what this industry is all about. Always go for customer-centric packaging. Make sure that customer enjoys every experience i.e., from unboxing the product to using it!

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