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Evil Twin Sister? Alexandria Duval Out On Bail

— February 14, 2017

On Thursday, a judge decided to allow “evil twin” Alexandria Duval to post a reduced $2 million bond or $200,000 in cash.

38 year old Alexandria Duval was arrested shortly after the death of her twin sister, Anastasia, in June 2016, and charged with second degree murder.  The twins had evidently been fighting in a 2016 Ford Explorer, yelling and pulling at each other’s hair, just before “evil twin” Alexandria made a sharp turn, drove off a cliff and the vehicle plummeted 200 feet down a rock wall.  Anastasia, who was in the back seat, died at the scene.

Image Courtesy of Facebook
Image Courtesy of Facebook

Given the supposed altercation, it had appeared to investigators Alexandria could have driven off the rock wall intentionally.  The two women were seen arguing in the vehicle while parked just before Alexandria put the SUV into gear, accelerated forward quickly and made the fateful turn.

The judge said there was no probable cause for a murder charge, however, and Alexandria was released.  The twins had apparently had a close bond and had made a name for themselves as yoga instructors.  A murder just didn’t seem feasible.  Alexandria’s attorney, Todd Eddins, called the charge “extreme and cold hearted”, stating that they would explore every avenue possible to combat the initial arrest.

However, appearances aren’t always what they seem. Life wasn’t all roses for the twins and money troubles could have spurred the argument between the two, leading Anastasia’s death. The sisters, born Alison and Ann Dadow in New York, had apparently allowed their success in Palm Beach, Florida, go to their heads.  The instructional DVD they filmed and the multiple yoga studios they owned couldn’t keep up with the twins’ overspending and they eventually had to declare bankruptcy – several times.  In 2014, they had both filed for bankruptcy, claiming to be hundreds of thousand dollars in debt. They closed their studios and eventually made the cross country trip to Hawaii, changing their names and seemingly looking for a fresh start.

Image Courtesy of KHON2
Image Courtesy of KHON2

Alexandria didn’t stay free for long.  In October 2016, the “evil twin” was arrested again for Anastasia’s murder following the result of a grand jury’s decision.  She waived extradition and was brought back to Hawaii from Albany, New York.  Alexandria pleaded not guilty, but was ultimately charged with murder and began serving a jail sentence on $3 million bail.

On Thursday, a judge decided to allow Alexandria to post a reduced $2 million bond or $200,000 in cash.  The girls’ father, Dr. John Dadow, who has supported Alexandria all the way but has never been contacted by prosecutors, was willing to post up to $250,000 in cash for her release.

Alexandria was ultimately released from jail on $200,000 cash bail.  She is not allowed to step foot in the airport, even to pick up a family member, according to 2nd Circuit Judge Peter Cahill.  And, she must submit to random drug and alcohol testing, as well as report for supervision.  Deputy Prosecutor Emyn Higa is worried that the “evil twin” was released too easily and she may not present for trial.  The Prosecutor argued that she should also be required to post the $2 million bail bond.


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