Student Loan Forgiveness Advocate Statement on New Biden “Hardship” Proposal for Expanded Student Loan Forgiveness 

WASHINGTON DC – On February 15, the Biden Administration announced a proposal for additional student loan payment relief for people struggling to pay because of financial “hardship.” Several categories of borrowers would be eligible for relief under Biden’s second try at widespread cancellation after the Supreme Court rejected his first plan last year. In response

Accidental Shooting Statistics: A Review of Unintentional Firearm Deaths from 1979-2024

Key Statistics: There have been 196 accidental deaths related to firearms so far in 2023. Accidental shooting deaths have declined from 1,491 per year (1979-1998) to an average of 606 (1999-2023). 728 accidental shootings (including injuries or death) occur on average yearly. 1% of all firearm-related deaths in 2022 were unintentional. Individuals aged 14-30 are consistently more likely to die of accidental shootings than any other age group.