The legislative landscape is changing, as the party that promised Freedom is now telling us to bend over, accept the erosion of our rights, and like it.

Woman Given a Four-Year Probation Sentence After Stealing State's Money


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2017 Patent Litigation Year in Review Report; image courtesy Lex Machina, text on left added by author.

Our friends at Lex Machina, recently released the company’s fifth annual Patent Litigation Year in Review report. This report is a wealth of information for those practicing patent law. Below is the company’s announcement and a preview of the helpful information found in the report.

Judge Polster Issues Gag Order for Opioid Settlement Discussions
Flight Delayed After Naked Passenger Removed for Psych Evaluation

Flight Delayed After Naked Passenger Removed for Psych Evaluation

In the aftermath of a deadly shooting at a Florida high school, some spectators are wondering whether gun control will ever become a politically...

A Senate endeavor to save Dreamers and solve the nation’s immigration crisis sputtered to an unsure end Thursday, leaving politicians and the president flustered. According...
Image of a surgical procedure

Remember Bill Paxton? He starred in movies like Twister, Titanic, and Mighty Joe Young and tragically died last year on February 25 shortly after “having heart surgery at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.” Now his family has decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the “California hospital where he died” on allegations that “the heart complications that ultimately took Paxton’s life were a result of negligence by the hospital and the surgeon who operated on him.”
Image of Dinner Rolls

A lawsuit settlement was just announced between King's Hawaiian and Pan-O-Gold Baking Company, a Minnesota-based company. The lawsuit itself was filed by King's Hawaiian “against the Midwest company regarding the well-known packaging King's Hawaiian uses with its beloved Hawaiian sweet dinner rolls,” and alleged that Pan-O-Gold “infringed its intellectual property rights in its well-known orange packaging.”
Button Batteries in Fidget Spinners Can be Deadly

Button Batteries in Fidget Spinners Can be Deadly
Alabama is Next in Line to File Lawsuit Against Purdue

Alabama is Next in Line to File Lawsuit Against Purdue

Oil industry giant Exxon Mobil is launching a wide-ranging legal attack against its litigatory opponents, hitting attorneys and public officials across the country with...

The Trump administration recently restricted the way federal agencies use guidance documents, an action which could prevent the government from launching litigation against companies...
Illuminated, stylized sperm swim across a black background.

Bacteria, atoms, fungal spores, yeast, seeds, gametes, the things you whisper to your sweetie... on Valentine's Day, little things mean a lot.
Image of a Money Tree

A lawsuit against Golden Valley Lending was just dropped by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, despite allegations that the lender “allegedly charged people up to 950 percent interest rates.” To many, the watchdog group's latest move is yet another example of how it's moving “away from aggressive enforcement under interim director Mick Mulvaney,” and many career staff members are none too pleased about that.

Rosenberg's Victims to Recount Horrifying Subsys Stories

Physicians Asked to be Perfect in an Imperfect World