CSX Transportation recently agreed to pay a $3.2 million settlement to settle a lawsuit after it was accused of “administering physical capability tests that prevented women from being hired for certain jobs.” CSX is a company that supplies rail-based freight transportation throughout the United States and Canada. A leader in the industry, the Jacksonville, Florida-based company “operates more than 21,000 miles of track in 23 Eastern states, including West Virginia and Kentucky, and two Canadian provinces.”

When most people think about school buses, they don't exactly think of them being environmentally friendly. However, in Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey recently announced that he will be replacing more than 280 “aging and presumably high-polluting school buses...at no cost to Arizona taxpayers.” The money for the new buses will come from the “$59 million the state is getting as its share of a nationwide settlement with Volkswagen to replace buses that are at least 15 years old and have more than 100,000 miles on them.”


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On Thursday, the Supreme Court struck down a Minnesota law banning voters from wearing political apparel at polling places. In what the New York Times...
Dallas Agrees to Settlement Over Public Safety Back Wages

Dallas Agrees to Settlement Over Public Safety Back Wages
Court Upholds Decision to Reduce Wrongful Death Payout, Denies Retrial

Court Upholds Decision to Reduce Wrongful Death Payout, Denies Retrial
Image of a patient having vitals taken

The University of Virginia Medical Center is at the center of a new lawsuit that was filed earlier this month. The suit itself was filed by a woman who claims the medical center violated her constitutional rights after she was “sedated by medical staff and forced to give blood and urine samples after a suicide attempt.”

When Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai decided to scrap net neutrality, he claimed that Obama-era regulations were slowing down the nationwide deployment of...

A Tuesday meeting between moderate Republicans and House Speaker Paul Ryan could culminate in the release of a new immigration bill, intended to circumvent...
Image of the CDC Headquarters

For your Father's Day cookout this Sunday, you may want to skip the pre-cut melon. According to a recent recall issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), certain containers of pre-cut melon has “been linked to a Salmonella outbreak” that has already sickened more than 60 people throughout eight states.
Complaints Filed Regarding Asbestos in Home Used for Firefighter Training

Complaints Filed Regarding Asbestos in Home Used for Firefighter Training

Physicians Willing to Take More Risk with Lower Malpractice Payouts
Image of Martina McBride

Country star Martina McBride, her husband, John McBride, and their recording company Blackbird Studios recently came under in a lawsuit filed by a former employee. According to the former employee, Richard Hanson, the “defendants unlawfully terminated him in an act of retaliation after he reported alleged illegal activity about the company's internship program.” As a result, he is seeking $1 million in damages.
Image of female ice hockey players

UND recently decided to scrap it's women's ice hockey program. As a result, 11 “former members of the now-defunct University of North Dakota women’s hockey program filed a discrimination lawsuit against the North Dakota University System in U.S. District Court” earlier this week.

Moderate House Republicans are plying their more conservative counterparts with a new deal to shield Dreamers from deportation. Discussions are set to take place in...

The City of Chicago reached a tentative $16 million settlement with the family of 55-year old Bettie Jones, an innocent woman gunned down in...
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Tech companies continue to come up with better and more advanced ways to develop artificially intelligent systems that will help industries in carrying out laborious activities, while increasing efficiency, speed, and accuracy. As time goes by, more brands have accepted the use of these AI’s in their production processes and in serving their customers. Walmart, Sephora, and even Lowe's utilize AI technology in their everyday production, which is a clear sign that AI has become evolved enough for actual practical means.

Pregnant Women Don't Have End-of-life Rights in Idaho