Health & Medicine

Why Thousands of People are Traveling for Transplantation Tourism

Organ transplantation is proven to be an effective therapy for end-stage organ failure. Today, it is widely practiced around the world. With the beginning of globalization and traditions of consumerism, there is an increasing trend among people to travel in search of enhanced quality and inexpensive health options in emerging nations that have the same

Lawsuits & Litigation

ACLU and Allies Sue Trump Administration Over New Asylum Rules

The ACLU is following up on its promise to immediately challenge the administration’s ‘illegal’ asylum restrictions.

News & Politics

Attorney Who Disappeared in 2018 is Officially Disbarred

The Florida Supreme Court suspended criminal defense attorney David Allen Brener’s license back in November after he was accused of abandoning his law practice without notice to his clients and without taking reasonable steps to protect their interests.”  Now Brener has been officially, permanently disbarred after he failed to appear at court proceedings. Court documents

News & Politics

Trump Administration Ends Asylum Protections with Rule Critics Call ‘Blatantly Illegal’

The administration won’t let asylum-seekers into the U.S. if they didn’t ask for protection in other countries, too.