Our friends at ClassAction.com recently published an excellent piece on the “profits before patients” paradigm and its impact on the opioid crisis in America, explaining steps Big Pharma takes to make mega-profits from unsuspecting patients. They have kindly offered to share an excerpt for our readers. A link to the complete article on their site appears at the end of this piece.

Our friends at Lex Machina have done it again. The creators of the award-winning Legal Analytics® platform have added a new module – federal product liability litigation. This is an exciting step forward for those involved in this complex area of law.


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A city in Colorado is settling with tenants of a public housing project who said their homes were searched without warrants. The settlement – reported...
Assistant DA Fired After Spat With Uber Driver

Assistant DA Fired After Spat With Uber Driver
Even a Convicted Murderer Can Get a Medical Marijuana Card

Even a Convicted Murderer Can Get a Medical Marijuana Card
Outside of a Banana Republic store

have you ever worked somewhere where you were expected to change your appearance entirely or were told you couldn't wear your makeup or hair a certain way? One woman was, and now she's firing back against her employees with a lawsuit. Destiny Tompkins, a 19-year-old African-American woman, was working in a Banana Republic store in the Westchester mall when she was told “her braids were too urban and unkempt.” In response, she's filed a lawsuit against the popular clothing store for “$1 million for racial discrimination.”
Image of Sherri Simpson

Do you remember when President Trump agreed to settle the lawsuit surrounding Trump University for $25 million? Well, the lawsuit “would have seen the former students receive 90 cents for every dollar that they spent,” which for many would equate out to a large sum of money. However, recent events have unfolded that might nix that settlement “if judges allow a woman who was part of the class action suit to pursue her own case against the billionaire over a real estate training program that folded in 2010.” But what happened? Why might the settlement be in jeopardy?
Woman is Caught Shoplifting...Dressed as a Turkey

Woman is Caught Shoplifting...Dressed as a Turkey

Man Sentenced After Requesting Prostitutes...To Show Up Next Door
Image of the outside of the Balderas Home

For parents, the fear of losing a child is one of their worst nightmares. Unfortunately for Peter and Martha Balderas of Amarillo, this nightmare became a reality when four of their children were “killed in an accidental poisoning” at their home back in January. As a result, the grieving parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against “the maker of a pesticide that caused the deaths and also against the person who provided the chemical.”
One of the recent recalled hoverboards

Do you or someone you know own a hoverboard? If so, then this recall notice is for you. Earlier this week the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a massive recall for a variety of different types of hoverboards from seven different companies. Unsure what a hoverboard is? Well, simply put it's a “self-balancing scooter...a popular toy among kids and teenagers.” The recall itself was issued after the CPSC announced “evidence of a LayZ Board brand hoverboard involved in an October fire in Pennsylvania that destroyed one townhome and damaged four others.” It was the “second reported house fire involving a LayZ Board brand hoverboard,” according to the CPSC.

A civil rights watchdog announced that it's reached a potential $3 million settlement against suspended Georgia Sheriff Jeff Hobby, who searched an entire school...

A federal agency blamed the safety culture at Amtrak for last year’s fatal crash near Philadelphia, which left two railway employees dead along the...
A diverse array of attendees at a 2015 UK food sovereignty gathering hold a banner. It says Food sovereignty! Food for People, not for corporate profit / Global Justice Now.

More than ever, food sovereignty movements around the world are needed to reconnect us to the land and each other. Happily, there are victories to report!

Grays Harbor County in Washington agreed to pay damages and make policy changes after a suit challenged its use of solitary confinement in juvenile...
Person accessing VPN on smartphone; image courtesy of www.engadget.com.

It is difficult to find a person who has never heard of a VPN service. However, not everyone really understands the full spectrum of benefits VPN services provide. What's the difference between having a VPN and not having it on any of your devices? Before anything else, let's find out what VPN means.
Images: McGahn - Sam Hodgson for www.nytimes.com; Lady Justice - jessica45 www.pixabay. com, CC0 Creative Commons; Trump - Mark J. Terrill, AP.

Injustice abounds. At a time when we the people face the growing existential threat of climate change, we look for legal and peaceful ways to stop impending tragedies. However, as I described in “50 Years of ‘Legal’ Climate Change” political forces have often thwarted justice for the people. 1 And now the Trump administration is accelerating the tilt of the judiciary against the people.