Our friends at Lex Machina, recently released the company’s first Top Law Firm Report for Select Federal Litigation. The report is a valuable resource for firms and companies in planning litigation strategies. Below is the company’s announcement and a preview of the helpful information found in the report.

Monat's Hair Care Products Contain Harmful Additives, According to Lawsuits


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A blue pickup truck piled high with empty plastic jugs driven along a Chinese highway by a modern-day rag and bone man.

In the old days, the rag and bone man collected discards and closed the waste loop. Globalization helped kill him, but will isolationism bring him back?
Talc Found in Children's Cosmetics at Popular Retailer

Talc Found in Children's Cosmetics at Popular Retailer
Image of Avon High School

The Board of Education at Avon High School recently agreed to settle a federal lawsuit filed against it almost four years ago that “claimed three teachers and a guidance counselor at the school had indoctrinated two former students into a religious cult.” The lawsuit itself was filed by a family whose children attended the school. According to the family's lawsuit, “three teachers and a guidance counselor exerted an improper influence on their three daughters and alienated two of them from the rest of the family.”
Image of the Whole Foods Market Logo

Discrimination is never okay, especially when it's directed towards someone who is or was recently pregnant. One woman in Tallahassee, Florida learned just how awful it feels to be discriminated against, and decided to file a lawsuit as a result. Kissi Moore, a former employee at Whole Foods, is an African-American woman who claims in her pregnancy and racial discrimination lawsuit against the supermarket chain that she was “treated unfairly after her pregnancy and because of her race.”

A scaled-back proposal from the White House offers temporary protections for Dreamers in exchange for border wall funding. The offer, floated out by aides...
Motorcycle accident; image by Joshua Kimberly (Own work), CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, no changes.

The joys and freedom that motorcycling can give to the enthusiast can seriously be overshadowed or even taken away by an accident involving personal injury. In this article, we will address the process of winning your personal injury claim.
Customer presenting credit card; image courtesy of Pxhere.com, CC0.

One of the best ways to help your business succeed is to offer your clients a level of convenience they can’t find at your competitors. That’s why accepting credit and debit card payments isn’t just a good idea, it’s practically essential for any business.
Hair Testing Isn't Fail Safe and May Discriminate, Case Claims

Hair Testing Isn't Fail Safe and May Discriminate, Case Claims

The parents of a young man who died aboard a New York City helicopter tour on Sunday are suing the aircraft’s owner and operator. An...
Image of a Patient Getting an MRI

A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology suggests that “patients with private health insurance often face high out-of-pocket fees for advanced imaging.” The findings of the study were discovered after researchers examined “government data on out-of-pocket cost for imaging and other essential health services for 18,429 plans available in the U.S. private insurance marketplace last year.” Why are patients with private insurance allegedly paying more, though? How much more are they paying than other patients?
Identity Theft by CafeCredit, via Flickr, CC BY 2.0, no changes made.

On Tuesday, in Part One: Preventing Identity Theft, we looked at various ways of keeping your identity safe. In Part Two: Credit Card Skimming, we examined some additional, free, methods of doing so as well as how to avoid credit card skimming. Today, in the third and final part of this series, we look at actions to take post-identity theft.
Minnesota Settles with 3M, Water Clean Up Ahead

Minnesota Settles with 3M, Water Clean Up Ahead
Image of the Edina High School Entrance

After filing a lawsuit against Edina High School, the school district, principal, and superintendent over alleged discrimination, student members of the Young Conservatives Club (YCC) recently agreed to a settlement that will result in their club being reinstated at the school. In filing the lawsuit, the YCC students “charged the school with violating students’ rights of freedom of speech and of association, equal access, and not abiding by federal laws and codes for the U.S. Flag.” But what did the school do to prompt the lawsuit in the first place?

A Baltimore judge ruled that barring a transgender teen from using the boys’ locker room is tantamount to discrimination and “harms his health and...
Slater Responds to Latest Allegations in Fox's Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Slater Responds to Latest Allegations in Fox's Racial Discrimination Lawsuit