Brand awareness essentially focuses on attracting new clients and retaining existing customers and digital marketing is a great way to do so.

The Trump administration has publicly posted a proposal that’d bar legal immigrants from receiving green cards or citizenship if they’ve recently received welfare or...


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Image of a Hog Confinement Barn

Hurricane Florence tore through North Carolina last week and left everything in its wake in shambles. Unfortunately, the devastating flooding that the storm brought has placed a lot of strain on hog lagoons, causing some to “release pig waste into the environment,” while others are “at imminent risk of doing so,” according to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. So far an estimated 110 lagoons have leaked waster or are at risk of doing so soon.
Michigan Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal in Weekley Case

Michigan Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal in Weekley Case
Attorney Suspended After Placing a Tracking Mechanism in Ex-girlfriend's Car

Attorney Suspended After Placing a Tracking Mechanism in Ex-girlfriend's Car
Image of Soccer Players

For many students, high school is difficult enough without the added perils of bullying. It's a time where many students are finding out who they are while trying to keep up with their rapidly changing bodies. Unfortunately, bullying happens, and sometimes that bullying can take a gruesome turn, just as it did for one member of a New Mexico high school soccer team. According to a new lawsuit filed late last week, members of a “southeastern New Mexico high school soccer team raped a young teammate, recorded the sexual assault of another player and subjected other players to violent sexual acts as part of hazing.”
Image of Ground Beef in a Bowl

Remember the recall for Cargill ground beef last month? Well, earlier this week, Cargill Meat Solutions announced a new recall of 132,606 pounds of...

Ruling in on tips, a U.S. appeals court determined that restaurants must pay bartenders and waitstaff minimum wage when they’re doing work that’s not...

Despite the Trump administration’s insistence on an immigrant-driven crime wave, the government has been arresting many migrants with no criminal record at all. NBC News...
Man vaping; image by Ruslan Alekso, via Pexels.

Over the last decade, the world has seen a dramatic shift; one that has taken everyone by surprise because of the seemingly invincible reign of one of the participants. This shift is no other than between smoking cigarettes and vaping. Cigarettes, over the last decade, have suffered a loss in the consumer base. This has been surprising because no other invention, except for vapes, has ever fared well against the might of cigarettes and the field of smoking.
Young People Still Need Medication for Addiction Treatment, Study Suggests

Young People Still Need Medication for Addiction Treatment, Study Suggests
Sepsis Continues to Run Rampant in U.S. Nursing Homes

Life-threatening Sepsis Continues to Run Rampant in U.S. Nursing Homes
Image of a Scuba Diver Under Water

A YMCA in Palm Desert, California recently took a stance to defend its lifeguards against a wrongful death lawsuit. The suit was filed after a “La Quinta man drowned under their watch,” and was filed against the YMCA, the National Park Services, and the city of Palm Desert. But what happened?
Image of a composting bin

Earlier this week, Cedar Grove Composting, a composting company, “agreed to pay more than $785,000 to settle a class action lawsuit alleging it was responsible for bad smells.” Additionally, the company agreed to spend $1.45 million to help “reduce the potential for malodorous emissions.” The settlement agreement is currently awaiting final approval from a judge. But what happened? Why was the lawsuit filed in the first place?
Image of a Dog Eating a Bowl of Food

Dog owners beware. Bravo Packing, Inc., a New Jersey-based pet food company recently issued a recall for its Performance Dog frozen raw pet food products due to potential salmonella contamination. The company issued the recall shortly after a sample of the Performance Dog food tested positive for salmonella during an FDA inspection.
Man writing resume; image by Helloquence via Unsplash.

In this day and age, and especially in today’s economy, having an outstandingly written resume is more important than ever. For every job, you can expect to compete with dozens or even hundreds of other applicants, and if you are pursuing a career in law, it’s no different. However, the quality of your resume is even more important in this case. Why? Well, as a lawyer, you are expected to present facts, as well as yourself, in the best way possible, as well as to pay attention to detail.
Graphic of seniors using the Internet; image courtesy of the author.

Using the Internet is something that is natural for teenagers and young adults. Day after day, they use it for almost anything they do. All electronic gadgets are now "smart" and can be connected to the Internet one way or the other. For seniors (people older than 65), the relationship with the Internet didn't come naturally. However, the technology is continually evolving, and seniors are following suit.