Bullied Iowa Student Settles With Waukee Schools

An Iowa student whose parents say she was bullied without consequence has reached a settlement with her local school district. The Des Moines Register reports that the parents of 11-year old Berkley Maschka filed a federal lawsuit against Waukee Community School District, claiming its administrators did nothing to protect the girl from ongoing harassment. When

2018 Top Product Liability Cases

Defective products injure thousands of Americans every year. Depending on the product and the damage/injury that it caused, identifying the liable parties can be extremely complicated. There are a number of important product liability cases, many of which reached a verdict or settlement recently. Highlighted below are some of the top cases and issues so

Lawsuit Between UC Berkeley and Young America’s Foundation (YAF) Reaches Settlement

Earlier this month, UC Berkeley announced that it agreed to settle a lawsuit filed against the school involving allegations of discrimination “against high-profile speakers invited by conservative student groups.” The suit was filed back in April 2017 by Young America’s Foundation (YAF) and Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) and alleged that the university violated their First Amendment rights, among others. According to the settlement agreement, the university will pay “a one-time $70,000 payment to cover the plaintiff’s attorney costs, as well as a revision of the campus Major Events Policy.”

Ripley Entertainment Settles First Duck Boat Lawsuit

Ripley Entertainment, the owner of a Branson, MO duck boat that sank in July, has settled its first lawsuit with the remaining family of a couple who died aboard Stretch Duck 07. The Kansas City Star reports that William Bright, 65, and Janice Bright, 63—both from Higginsville, MO—were aboard Stretch Duck 07 on July 19.

County Rules in Favor of Wrongfully Convicted Man

Earlier this week, Cook County commissioners voted in favor of a homeless man who was wrongly imprisoned in connection to false rape allegations. As a result, the commissioners approved a $3.7 million settlement in the lawsuit filed by the man, Carl Chatman, in response to his ordeal. According to Chatman’s suit, he was “wrongly imprisoned after a clerk at the Daley Center fabricated a rape claim as part of a scheme to sue the county.”

Kansas States Officials Approve $75,000 Settlement Over DCF Lawsuit

Earlier this week, the governor of Kansas and other top legislative leaders agreed to settle a child-death lawsuit for $75,000. The suit was originally filed in Sedgwick County District Court against the “Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) after the agency failed to intervene based on allegations an 18-month-old girl was physically abused and living in a drug house.”