Lou Lombardo

Louis Lombardo runs a web site named "Care for Crash Victims." This is a project of a small business public benefit enterprise, Louis V. Lombardo, LLC. The mission is to improve care for crash victims before, during, and after a crash. Lou believes we are all crash victims -- past, present, and future -- as individuals, families, friends and society. Everyone is impacted by crashes as consumers, insurance premium payers, and taxpayers.


Elections – For the People

As We the People proceed after the mid-term elections, it’s clear that there is much to be done for the safety and well-being of our society.

NHTSA Acts on Emergency Medical Care for Crash Victims

NHTSA acts to erase research papers on URGENCY. On July 4, 2018 Legal Reader published the article “Emergency Medical Care for Crash Victims” that was critical of NHTSA’s decades of delay in setting standards to improve rescue of seriously injured crash victims.

Covering Up the VW Diesel Scandal

Discovery of Deceptive Monkey Research on Nitrogen Oxides. The New York Times’ Jack Ewing reports on continued discoveries on the diesel scandal. Now, we learn that VW and other automakers colluded in a deadly deception to cover up the harm of diesel emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Republican Racketeers: Violent Roots of Republican Policies

On the Friday night before Christmas 2017, The Rachel Maddow Show reported on Trump ties to the mafia, and the history of Republican efforts to undermine health and safety agencies and repeal regulations developed to protect the American people. For me, it was déjà vu!