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1,888 Years Is A Whole Lot Of Time Behind Bars

— May 17, 2017

1,888 Years Is A Whole Lot Of Time Behind Bars

Is it possible to be hit with prison time that exceeds a life sentence or two — or three?  It certainly is, and this was learned the hard way by a couple of career criminals who decided to hit up a bank. Myloh Mason was captured after becoming lucky number twelve in Colorado to be placed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s ten most-wanted list and he received 1,200 years in prison.  His co-conspirator, Miguel Sanders, landed 371 years in the can.  A third man, Tyrone Richardson, got a whopping 1,888 years. Recounting their story makes it easy to understand why they’ll be spending their remaining years, to say the least, behind bars.

1,888 Years Is A Whole Lot Of Time Behind Bars
Image Courtesy of Lakewood Police Department

On November 18, 2015, Sanders, Mason and Richardson, went into a bank wearing “Scream” masks, gloves and multiple layers of clothing, and toting four guns with 125 rounds of ammunition.  Once inside, the men incited a robbery, holding all but two employees lucky enough to escape hostage. They ordered the bank’s vault and the teller’s drawers to be opened and received more than $50,000 in cash.

Some of the customers were able to dial 911 during the incident and authorities were quickly en route while the men jumped into a rental getaway car waiting outside.  They didn’t make it far.  In their haste, the men ended up crashing the vehicle, which forced them to continue their escape on foot into a nearby neighborhood. That’s when they proceeded to kick down the door of a 65-year-old man and demand he hand over the keys to his mini-van, along with his cell phone.  The men then attempted to take the homeowner hostage, but again their plans were foiled.

Inside his garage, the victim was able to free himself from his captors and ran down his driveway.  He was shot in the leg, and fell momentarily, but was able to quickly get back up.  Bullets struck him three more times, leaving him with life threatening wounds. However, the man managed to get to the porch of his neighbor’s house in just enough time and ended up surviving the ordeal.  

1,888 Years Is A Whole Lot Of Time Behind Bars
Image Courtesy of Shouse Law Group

Apparently not the best at driving at high speeds, the three men took off in the mini-van, but wound up crashing it too.  So they tried to carjack a 30-year-old woman’s vehicle, physically assaulting and shooting her in the process.  The woman was with her 53-year-old mother who the men punched in the face, breaking several of her bones.  After all of this, they jumped into the the car, but it wouldn’t start.  So, yelling and cursing, they continued again on foot. Sanders ran from the other two man and entered a high school’s bus depot, where he held a gun to a driver’s head, a second weapon in his other hand, and told her to climb out of her bus.  She refused to cooperate and during the confrontation, the cops arrived, discovering Sanders hiding underneath the bus.

Six days later, Richardson was also taken into custody.  It would take authorities two more months to nab Mason.  The men were each charged with more than thirty counts of their offenses. Mason and Richardson were determined to be habitual criminals, which is why they were hit hard with prison time.  


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