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Tort "Reform"

tort reform bill dies in Indiana

— January 31, 2013

Good riddance:

Indiana won’t be passing a bill requiring losers to pay all costs and attorney fees in civil lawsuits.

. . . .

The problem with the bill is simple, Steele said: “It doesn’t work.”

Steele, R-Bedford, said he had filed “exactly the same bill” in 1995 and got an earful from just about every interest group.

They convinced him, he said, that it is unworkable because determining just who is the loser in a lawsuit is difficult — and impossible in “no fault” divorce cases.

Source: Gov. Mike Pence-backed tort reform bill exits quietly | Indianapolis Star |

One hypocrisy we at Legal Reader have often noticed: Conservative Republicans bristle at the suggestion that America looks to Europe for inspiration for anything… but they’re all too eager to pass European-style “loser pays” bills.

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