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Medical Malpractice

colorado judge dismisses case against hospital; forgets to disclose that his brother is an executive there

— February 12, 2013

What’s that?  I think it’s the appearance of impropriety:

"I understand (the plaintiff’s attorneys) would be stunned and upset," Munch said. "I have made disclosures in cases. I certainly should have disclosed it."

Rebecca Aviel, a legal ethics professor at the University of Denver, said it’s clear Munch had a responsibility to inform attorneys in the case who likely would have asked him to move the trial to another judge.

"Judges are required to conduct themselves in a way that avoids impropriety or the appearance of impropriety.  That’s critical because one of the things that’s so crucial for our democracy to function, is that people trust the judiciary," she said. "If he doesn’t disqualify (himself) I think we have a really clear violation of the code of judicial conduct."

Source: 7NEWS – Judge in Jefferson County ruled on cases against hospital where brother was top executive – Call7 Investigators Story

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