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3 Important Technologies That Help Truckers in Nashville Avoid Accidents

— April 1, 2022

Despite these helpful technologies, many truck accidents still happen in Nashville and other cities around the country.

Nashville, TN – Motor vehicle safety has improved greatly in recent decades, and the trucking profession is no exception. Because these large commercial vehicles can be more difficult to control, safety features that assist drivers in avoiding accidents are crucial. However, many trucks still do not implement every potential safety feature, many of these items are not required by law, and people die in accidents involving large commercial vehicles all the time. Nashville truck accident lawyers can help victims with the process to bring a lawsuit. 

Rear and side view cameras

Cameras can be installed on a large semi truck to help drivers to see various areas around the vehicle that would otherwise be blind spots. These technologies are becoming more common on commercial vehicles as cameras become much smaller and more powerful. The cameras with these blind spot views are especially helpful during times when the driver needs to change lanes or go in reverse. 

Automatic braking systems

These are collision detection systems that can assist drivers by automatically braking for them when it seems that other vehicles or obstacles are getting too close. While these are helpful solutions for drivers that may lose focus, it is still possible that a driver can get involved in an accident, as braking on its own may not necessarily avoid the crash. These systems also may not function as well on trucks that have very heavy loads or cargo issues.

Lane change safety features

Image by Kelly Sikkema, via
Truck driver; image by Kelly Sikkema, via

One of the most dangerous times for a truck driver is when they are going into another lane of traffic. There are some technologies that will alert a trucker who is drifting into other lanes without signals through audio cues. This is done through cameras that watch the sides of the vehicles and notice other vehicles or obstacles. Such warning systems can be especially helpful for drivers who have to drive for many hours at a time and may lose focus. 

Suing a negligent truck driver

Despite these helpful technologies, many truck accidents still happen in Nashville and other cities around the country. It is possible to sue the trucking company if there is evidence of driver mistakes, violations of trucking safety regulations, or improper maintenance on the vehicle. Tennessee truck accident lawyers work to help local clients investigate these issues and negotiate a settlement for compensation. The victim’s compensation can include lost wages, damage to their future earning potential, medical treatment costs, and payment for pain and suffering. 

Commercial vehicle accident attorneys in Tennessee

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