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3 Steps to Winning a Custody Child Battle

— September 2, 2022

It goes without saying, but as a parent, you need to keep in contact with your child so they don’t feel left out, especially during the initial stages of divorce.

In an ideal world, all parents would agree on child custody. However, divorce can be a challenging time for both parents and their children. Often, parents don’t get on well anymore, so they tend to have different views about their children’s interests, and that’s where it all goes downhill.

If you’re in this situation, you will likely attend a custody hearing. But what if you’re finding it complicated to understand the legal custody rights? Well, lucky for you, this article will provide you with three steps you can take to win your custody battle effortlessly.

Cooperate with the Court

Of course, the judge is the one who decides what’s in the ‘’best interest of your child’’. To do that, they need to have sufficient details and evidence about each parent’s health, wealth, preferences of the child, and other issues. 

Additionally, there are times when a judge might make temporary custody decisions before they award the final custody. That’s why you must seek the help of experienced lawyers who can help you with all legal work. 

No matter the circumstances, as a parent, you might encounter things such as:

  • Limited or supervised visitation
  • Your child being placed into the primary custody of the other parent
  • An order to attend counseling or parenting classes
  • Temporary changes to the visitation hours

Limit Communication with the Other Parent

Communication with your ex-spouse can go worse both ways. Your communication or lack of it can potentially cause problems in court. However, limiting it to avoid conflicts and disputes is the best option. 

To protect yourself and your children, you can take precautions and contact a lawyer, depending on where you live. For example, if you live around Texas, you can get help from San Antonio Custody Lawyers, who will provide tips to stay clear of unfavorable situations. 

Most attorneys will tell you to document every word and action from yourself and your ex-spouse. When you do that, you can get a copy and send it as an e-mail to your lawyer, and they will deal with further steps. 

Whatever you do, ensure you’re never threatening or blackmailing your partner. You should also avoid accusing them or being part of heated conversations about your ex-partner’s new lover. The best thing is to only communicate with your shared child. 

Keep in Touch with Your Child at All Times

Laughing child in father's arms; image by Joice Kelly, via
Laughing child in father’s arms; image by Joice Kelly, via

It goes without saying, but as a parent, you need to keep in contact with your child so they don’t feel left out, especially during the initial stages of divorce. Remember that this is still a tough time for them, and they might struggle to grasp what’s happening. 

However, it’s also vital that you make the most of all the moments you get with your child; make efforts to ensure that you’re available for scheduled visitations, etc. If the other parent disapproves of this, you can reach for San Antonio Divorce Lawyers, who will guide you through the first stages of divorce and help you with the court. 

Essentially, you need to document all visitations, contacts, and activities if you have primary custody. At the same time, you need to document when the other parent misses their visitations. That’s how you can add points to your qualification.

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