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3 Times You Will Need to Hire an Attorney

— July 14, 2020

An attorney can help you with every stage of life, from prenuptial arrangements to adoptions, living wills, and your final arrangements.

If you are like most people, you may associate having an attorney with running into legal troubles. Nothing could be further from the truth. An attorney’s main goal is to help individuals to protect their rights, take care of any legal documentation, and solve problems that involve other people or companies. For the most part, lawyers simplify matters, acting as the negotiator, making a person’s life easier. They can assist you if you have faced discrimination or you are starting a business. When you are uncertain about the need for legal representation, consider three times you should plan on hiring an attorney.

You’ve Been the Victim of a Personal Injury

Whether you have been seriously injured in a car accident, you were the victim of a business owner’s negligence, you were hurt on the job, or your neighbor’s dog bit you, you’ll want an attorney’s expertise to find out if you have a case. A serious injury is going to be expensive. You may have a long road of rehabilitation ahead of you. In some cases, permanent disability may be the final outcome. If your injury was due to the fault of another, you should be compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, and destruction of property. Your attorney will work within the law, compiling evidence and documentation to support your case in order to fight for you. You will be able to concentrate on your recovery while your attorney works on your behalf with all other parties that are involved in your injury.

You’ll Need Legal Assistance After the Death of a Relative

White paper with “Last Will & Testament” printed on it; image by Melinda Gimpel, via
White paper with “Last Will & Testament” printed on it; image by Melinda Gimpel, via

After death, you need to take care of the burial or cremation. You also have to determine what your family member’s final wishes entailed. There may be a home, bank accounts, and a long list of personal belongings that need to be dispersed. This is a time when you’ll want a legal expert to assist you with the will, determining who the executor of the estate will be, contacting your relative’s creditors, taking care of any outstanding debts, and making sure the estate is handled properly. Taxes may need to be filed for the deceased. There may be other legal matters that need to be addressed, such as liens, bonds, or estates. According to Troy Moore, a probate attorney in Cypress Texas, executing a Last Will & Testament is a delicate procedure that should be performed with care in order to fulfill all the requirements of the deceased and prevent family issues. An attorney will take care of the paperwork and oversee the process at an emotional time that often involves many family members. When you put an estate in the hands of a lawyer, it can take a heavy burden off your shoulders.

You’re Getting a Divorce

No one anticipates a divorce. When you tied the knot, you expected it to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Regardless of why your marriage fell apart, an attorney will be your guide throughout the process. Find out what paperwork needs to be filed. Compile a list of assets on both sides. Determine who is going to be responsible for debts. Decide if one of you will get your home or if your house will be sold in order to divide the proceeds. If you have children, custody arrangements will be one of the most important components of your divorce proceedings. Once a judge rules on full or joint custody, it will be difficult to make any amendments to the arrangement. If possible, you want your divorce to go as smoothly as possible. In many cases, keeping your distance is the best way to ensure you and your spouse do not make matters worse. Your attorney can take care of all the details, work with your spouse’s attorney, and ensure that you do not have contact with each other. It’s a sensible way to diffuse what could become a heated situation.

An attorney can help you with every stage of life, from prenuptial arrangements to adoptions, living wills, and your final arrangements. Your legal experts are also here for you if you should ever run into trouble with the law, such as a DUI or bankruptcy. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to call an attorney for a consultation to learn about your options.

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