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4 Parties You Can Sue after a School Bus Accident

— December 5, 2022

If the school district’s negligence was a factor in the accident, you can make a claim against them.

Many parents rely on school buses for transporting their children to and from school. It makes sense because school buses are meant to be a safe transportation vehicle, though unfortunately, there are many accidents that happen yearly.

So, if you, your children, or a family member were injured in a school bus collision, you can sue for compensation. Your lawyer can help you start a claim and guide you through each step, but it’s essential you know which party you’re supposed to sue. Here are four liable parties you can make a lawsuit against.

You Can Sue Many Parties for a School Bus Accident

Of course, you can sue for injuries and damages if you were involved in a bus accident, but determining liability is complex. That said, it’s essential you talk to professional lawyers who can accurately determine who was responsible for the accident before you fill out your lawsuit.

There are multiple liable parties you can sue for a school bus accident lawsuit, such as:

The Bus Driver

Undoubtedly, the school bus driver is responsible for protecting students while on the bus. If their negligence caused the bus to collide, you could sue them for injuries you or your child endured. For that, you’ll need help from professionals who specialize in bus accidents.

For example, if you’re from Jacksonville, Florida, you can reach out to Jacksonville Bus Accident Lawyers, and they’ll help you gather evidence to prove it was the bus driver’s negligence that led to the accident.

If your injuries weren’t severe and you don’t want to make a claim, you could also make a report to your city’s bus system. Again, you can make a complaint to Jacksonville Transportation Authority – JTA, and they’ll take measures against such negligence.

The School District

School bus on the road; image by Elijah Ekdahl, via
School bus on the road; image by Elijah Ekdahl, via

Similarly, if the school district’s negligence was a factor in the accident, you can make a claim against them. For instance, if the school should’ve been canceled because of the weather and that’s what caused the accident, then they’re the liable party for causing a crash.

However, making a complaint against a school district can be complex. That’s why you need help from your local attorneys who know your state’s laws and regulations. Florida Bus Accident Lawyers are aware of the legal steps you should take to make a lawsuit against the school district and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

The School Bus Company

Usually, the company that owns the school bus is responsible for maintaining their buses and keeping them in proper working order. So, if the accident was caused due to lack of maintenance, you can start filling out your lawsuit papers immediately.

The Bus Manufacturer

Vehicle defects are extremely common, and they frequently happen yearly, and school buses are no different. Still, bus manufacturers must inform their passengers and other people of any defects and recall parts on time.

Suppose the school bus accident was caused due to faulty parts; the bus manufacturer could be liable for the injuries and damages. That’s why hiring Jacksonville Accident Lawyers can help you determine responsibility and ensure you file the claim on time.

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