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4 Simple Ways to Help Your Personal Injury Lawyer Help You

— July 2, 2020

Remember that your legal counsel will work to secure the best possible settlement for you. Do what you can to make that effort less complicated.

Whether you’ll eventually recover from a personal injury or if the damage is permanent, you need help from a lawyer to seek a reasonable settlement with the responsible party. In order to enhance the potential of a desired outcome, you need to work closely with your legal counsel. If you approach someone like Steven Polak, personal injury lawyer, be involved in these four ways. In the long run, you’ll be glad that you did. 

Full Disclosure is Always in Your Favor

Now is not the time to hold back any details related to events prior to, during, and after the injury takes place. Even if there are some aspects that you find personally embarrassing, the details should be made known to your legal counsel. 

Your lawyer has heard just about everything one can imagine already. The odds of anything you have to say being new and shocking are somewhere between slim and none. Even so, the lawyer is focused on how that information impacts the case. The only way to prepare for the possible impact is to know about the information before the other party can bring it up. 

Keeping Your Legal Counsel Updated About Medical Tests

Your lawyer should never have to ask about the results of your latest medical exam, changes to the prognosis, or even any new medications you’re now taking as a result of the injury. Make it a point to forward the data to your legal counsel immediately after seeing any medical professional. You also want to ensure that your doctors are free to provide details about your condition to your legal team at any time. Those updates may have some bearing on what type of settlement your lawyer seeks. 

Promptly Returning Calls, Texts, and Emails

Smartphone with stylus; image be Steve Johnson, via
Smartphone with stylus; image be Steve Johnson, via

You know how frustrating it can be when people don’t return your calls, texts, or emails within a reasonable amount of time. Imagine what it must be like for personal injury lawyers in Scarborough who are trying to secure settlements for their clients. If it’s important enough for a lawyer to take the time to reach out, you can bet that it’s in your best interests to return the communication as quickly as possible. The need for information may be time-sensitive. That means a delay on your part could translate into a missed opportunity. 

Limiting What You Say Outside the Lawyer’s Office

Discretion is always a good thing when you’re pursuing a personal injury case. The potential for something you say in an offhand manner to be misconstrued is real. If that statement gets back to the other party, your case could get more complicated. It also doesn’t help if your legal counsel finds out about the statement well after the fact. 

The most pragmatic solution is to say nothing about your case outside the lawyer’s office. If it has anything to do with your health or the case itself, stick to generalities when anyone asks how you’re feeling. By saying less, you don’t have to worry about explaining what you meant later on. 

Remember that your legal counsel will work to secure the best possible settlement for you. Do what you can to make that effort less complicated. By providing full cooperation and being mindful of what you say to anyone other than your lawyer, working toward that goal will be a lot simpler. 

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