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4 Ways Criminal Defense Lawyers Help You

— February 10, 2022

Before accepting a “plea bargain,” make sure to understand the results of taking the arrangement and if it is suitable for your situation.

An arrest for criminal charges can throw your life into total chaos within minutes. Without the capable assistance of an experienced Jacksonville criminal lawyer, you’ll find it hard to prove your innocence and walk away from the situation with your freedom, reputation, and financial status intact. You’ll rely on their competency and expertise to build a robust defense strategy and plead your case in court. If you have questions about the full scope of services they provide to you, read ahead for answers.

Can I Trust My Attorney?

Absolutely! The concept of lawyer-client privilege is enforceable by law. Anything you reveal about your life and actions becomes confidential information that your criminal defense lawyer need not and must not divulge to any third person. For this reason, you can safely trust them with every last detail of the circumstances that lead to your arrest. In fact, you should provide every piece of info related to the case, even if it may seem irrelevant or insignificant at the time. Being upfront with the lawyer will help them build a strong case in your favor. Make sure you avoid the possibility of surprise evidence in court that the lawyer is not prepared to handle. 

Can My Lawyer Make the Charges Go Away?

Possibly! That depends on whether the charges have been formally filed. If not, your attorney can meet with the federal prosecutor or District Attorney and present them with evidence proving your innocence. Any witness statements, images, transcripts of communication, text messages, and other details could prove that the situation is misunderstood. Or, that the alleged “victim” has not given an entirely accurate testimony. If the prosecutors are convinced by potential errors or weak points, they may change the felony to a misdemeanor, or even drop the charges entirely. 

Can My Attorney Get Me a Lesser Sentence?

Perhaps! In certain court cases, defendants can enter into an arrangement with the prosecutor to accept a “plea bargain.” Accordingly, the defendant agrees to plead guilty to a lesser charge for a deal where they can get a lenient punishment. They can also get other more serious charges dropped. But, this option is more suitable for people who are uncertain about the outcome of the court proceedings or would like to avoid a long and expensive trial. Defendants who fear getting the maximum sentence may also go with this option. Before accepting a “plea bargain,” make sure to understand the results of taking the arrangement and if it is suitable for your situation.

Maine Man & His Uncle Sentenced for Hate Crimes
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What If I Don’t Know What to Say in Court?

Rely on the lawyer! It’s their job to devise a strategy that will prove your case in court. Your attorney is your legal representative and will perform tasks like filing motions in court and presenting evidence to support your side of the story. Most lawyers are familiar with the workings of the local courts and the proper proceedings. They may also know judges from past experience and will educate you on what to expect during the trial. You’ll receive instructions on what to say on the stand and how to respond to the prosecutor’s questions. Handling legal paperwork and providing updates is your lawyer’s job.

When you’re facing criminal charges and the possibility of a prison sentence and/or fine, you’ll need the best legal representation to present your case in court. A competent professional pleading your case can get the charges reduced or dropped entirely by proffering compelling evidence and arguments to convince the judge. Trust in them to get you out of the situation and get your life back. 

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